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June 17, 2013

A Day in Seattle

My intentions were to have this post completely ready to be able to post first thing Friday morning after I got home on Thursday evening.  But the weather and Delta had other plans so instead of getting in late Thursday night, I spent a lovely and sleepless evening in Detroit (at a hotel at least and not the airport!) before getting home around 9am on Friday.  It was an adventure I wasn’t really looking for and aside from a few tears for the frustration of it all and not getting to see Ben Thursday night like I’d hoped, it wasn’t too awful :-)  So now, we get to start Monday off with the day Melissa and I spent in Seattle!

I’ve been dying to visit Seattle for ages.  California was marked off my list in 2010, as was Oregon.  I’ve been to Vancouver, BC before that so the only state left on the west coast was Washington!  And now, my west coast puzzle is complete.

And just as I imagined, I LOVED Seattle.  But Melissa and I didn’t have nearly enough time to explore all of its nooks and crannies.  Looks like Ben and I will just have to take a trip back.

This restaurant is called The Pink Door.  And there is no sign.  And as creepy as it seems, it was so worth walking into the unknown!

This is the Gum Wall.  There was even an official sign pointing the way towards it!

And these flowers??  GORGEOUS.  Melissa said she has a bride later this year that on the morning of her wedding will just stop by the market for bouquets. Brilliant.

And there it is… where Starbucks began.

And this group of guys?  Their beats and harmony were amazing!

Their cheese was so good that we went to have a small lunch, then came back to split a grilled cheese sandwich.  No lie.

Seattle Pike's Place

This was our view from our table at The Pink Door.  And no worries, that lady is just a mannequin.

Seattle Pike's Place

Melissa – aka my northwest twin – thank you again for such a fun week!!  Love you, friend!

  1. I love this. ALLLLL of this. Especially the cheese. :) I had such an amazing time, and I can’t wait for you and Ben to come back!!

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