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Thankful Thursday

June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday | Photography Friends

It would be so easy to isolate yourself in this industry.  Just like it’s so easy to compare yourself and your work to someone else, I can see how it would be simple to just not collaborate or anything with others in the same field.  But honestly, isolation is never a good thing.  In isolation you begin to tell yourself lies and then you start to believe them – whether it’s about yourself, your own work, what others think of you, how “things are done”, etc.

But in community, if you surround yourself with others that are honest with you and encourage you, this world becomes a better place.  These people help you see more clearly and when those lies start to creep in, they’re there to help you see the truth!  I’m so thankful for this photography industry and the people I’ve met along the way.  Not only do I “have people” in my little town of Greenville, but around the globe!  Granted, there are some photographers out there who prefer the isolation.  They don’t like being surrounded by others for whatever reason and I’d be willing to bet that they aren’t that happy.

So, today, I’m saying out loud that I’m thankful for my people.  I’m thankful for this world that I’ve fallen into within photography.  I’ve been SO blessed, SO challenged, SO pushed, and SO encouraged by this community that most days I can’t believe it’s real.  The fact that I was able to hop on a plane, fly across the country and stay with one of my people because of this little black box we take photos with is amazing.  Melissa Kilner, you’re incredible and I’m so thankful for you and your precious family for allowing me into your lives for a few days!  All of you are amazing and I’m beyond blessed to know you.

Pike's Place Seattle Market

  1. Holy moly, I just read this! Oh Sabrina, I am thankful for YOU. I know we joke how we are separated twins at birth, but really, you hold a HUGE place in my heart. I’m so grateful that you flew across the country to stay with me. You are an amazing woman, friend, and photographer! Truly, it was an honor to have you stay with us. <3

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