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April 3, 2014

A Secret for My Brides & Grooms…

When I went to Auburn a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with Ashley and Clay. Trust me, just spend a few minutes with them and you’ll be doing the same!  But as I kept smiling, it was for an entirely different reason.

When I meet with a bride and groom, they’ve usually just gotten engaged and are walking on Cloud 9!  Fast forward to their wedding day when they finally get to become husband and wife.  They are SO in love and SO excited for what this day is and how it’s the beginning of their adventure that they now get to walk together.  Hand in hand, side by side, each and every day.

But what they don’t know yet, what WE didn’t know on November 5, 2011 is how much better it all becomes.  Yes, there will be challenges and growing pains and all of that, but the more of life you live together, the more you work at your relationship, the deeper and stronger it becomes.  Now, I get that Ben and I are only a little more than 2 years in, but it amazes me how much more we love each other now than we did on our wedding day.  And if this is how we are just 29 months into our marriage, how much more incredible will it be 29 years from now??

So when I look at couples at their engagement session, it’s like I get a glimpse into their future because I have the best kept secret in the world!  Because as I watch them love on each other and laugh and snuggle, I know that in a couple of years, it’s going to be that much deeper, that much stronger, that much more wonderful.


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