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January 9, 2014

A Southern Girl in the Snow

I mentioned in Kristin and David’s wedding blog post that as soon as they set their wedding date for January 4 in a small town just north or Chicago that Kristin and I were both really hoping for snow!  Being a southern girl through and through, my philosophy on cold weather is that if it’s going to be cold, there might as well be snow!  Otherwise, bring on spring and summer!  So as soon as it hit mid-December I started checking weather.com on an almost daily basis.  I’m sure the highlight of Ben’s day was the weather report for Gurnee, IL ;-)  And even with the weather being up and down and back and forth the week leading up to the wedding, God totally provided the most amazingly perfect day for all of us.  It was even a super balmy 30°F on Saturday!

The last time I saw any snow accumulation in South Carolina was early 2011 and I was stuck in my house for a couple of days!  And the amount of snow we got?  I think it was about 5 or 6 inches.  Which for this part of the country is a lot!!  And while I have no idea how many inches accumulated while we were in Illinois, I definitely saw more snow than I’ve ever seen in my entire life…

But all of it was totally and completely worth it!  It was such an incredible way to start off our 2014 wedding season (minus the insane 26hr trip home and -45° temps, but that’s another blog post).  And by the way… shooting in the snow (as cold as it may be) is way more awesome than shooting in the rain!  Although with rain, you get some awesome clouds and sunsets once the storm passes.  Seems there are pros and cons to both :-)

I was serious about keeping my camera dry!

Ben was really glad he had the beard during this wedding!
And my red Hunter boots?  I’ve only had them for a few months but was SO THANKFUL for them!!  As well as my fingerless gloves.  Life savers for a photographer!

Photographing in the Snow Chicago, IL

And from behind, I just looked like an Eskimo…

Photographing in the Snow Chicago, IL

Oh my word, this shot makes me look like the meanest photographer ever!
I promise that while all the girls were cold (obviously), they were SUCH troopers!  And we got them back in the warm cars as soon as possible!

Speaking of troopers… Ben didn’t have any boots on, but he was crawling through the snow like he did.  Love him!

Photographing in the Snow Chicago, IL Hunter Boots in the Snow, Chicago, IL

So thankful for this awesome light tester.  We wanted to make sure we had the shot set up before we brought Kristin and David outside in this!

So thankful he knows how to have fun!!

Happy Thursday!! Enjoy these warmer temperatures as the whole country starts to warm up :-)

  1. Cindy Taylor says:

    I must have that coat! How can I acquire one?

  2. melissa says:

    Glad you had the right clothes with you for the trip! Speaking of clothes, I’d be curious to know what you wear when you’re photographing special events? Blog Post?

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