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Fabulous Friday

January 10, 2014

Fabulous Friday | Leaving on a Jet Plane (again!)

This time last week, we were on a plane flying up to Detroit for our connecting flight to Chicago.  When we landed and walked through the jetway into the airport, it wasn’t just that I saw my breath, but that each time I breathed a massive cloud appeared in front of me!!  When we got into the warmth and had a chance to look at the weather, it was -2°F.  Oh my word!  But, little did we know, just a few days later, we’d be experiencing -45°F (with the wind chill) as we tried to make our way home in a car (more on that to come in another post).  Irony?  Foreshadowing?  I don’t know.

What I DO know is that I’m leaving for Connecticut today and I’ve been checking their weather since I was in said car on Monday and it looks like it’s warming up! Which means that I am pretty positive that I’ll be RETURNING via airplane!  Thank goodness!!

I’m heading up to New Haven to spend all day tomorrow with Mary Marantz and 20 other women photographers to look fear in the face and start this year off right.  And I just can’t wait!  The other really fun thing is that the couple that took our photos in Paris while we were on our honeymoon live about 20 minutes from the workshop so I get to stay with them for the weekend!!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. jodi says:

    Have fun! Looking forward to reading about it!

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