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December 13, 2012

Albums, Albums, Albums

So, I decided to do a video to show off the albums I offer to my clients.  Who knew that an introvert could talk for almost 8 minutes on video?!?  Sheesh.  Seriously though, I love these albums and am pretty excited to show them off!  I mention in the video that I wanted something simple for my clients when it came to their wedding albums and KISS does just that… keeps it simple!  There are 4 options for book sizes, 2 options for book styles, and 8 colors to choose from.  Easy peasy!

Seriously?  This is the screen shot they chose??  And this was the best “option” of the three they gave me!

Yes, I know it’s a long video… and my feelings won’t be hurt if you skip sections of it.  For real… I had no idea I could talk so much!

And because pictures are the reason we’re talking about albums in the first place, here are a few images to show you the lovely leather albums.

I’d just gotten a couple of orders in, so I was able to show off ALL of the album sizes!!

And even though it’s a little hard to tell, they’re all brown leather.

Oh my word, I love the minis!

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