January 10, 2024

Allie + Jase | A Backyard Engagement Session

Allie and Jase have truly known each other since elementary school!  In fact, when Allie first met him, she told her mom that very day, “There’s a new kid in my class. I think he’s going to be my new competition for highest academic average.”

Their first date was as awkward as you’d imagine for two teenagers who are trying to figure out how to move from “we’ve been friends for ages” into more than that!  Thankfully, it only took one embarrassing question from one person to cause Allie and Jase to erupt with laughter.  And as Jase says, the date was perfect.

These two are so naturally themselves that even putting them in front of a camera didn’t break the rhythm they have with one another.  There is no doubt their wedding will be fun, beautiful and so memorable!  But I also know their marriage is going to be amazing.

So excited to celebrate with these two later this summer!

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