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February 21, 2024

Paris Elopement | The Louvre & Palais Royale

Talk about a dream come true.  Putting together this elopement shoot for Paris has been intimidating me for years.  YEARS.

And what it comes down to is the timing wasn’t right.  There were connections I hadn’t made yet (I’m looking at you Onorina Jomir and Jean Jacques Ceremonie) and while we’ve been friends with Troy and Shellie for years, I had not yet convinced them to model for me.

Who knew it would only take planning a trip to Paris with them to get them to agree to dress up and step in front of my camera??

As we wandered during our week-long trip, I was mentally taking note of all kinds of things. The light in the afternoon played a big role.  The specific locations we’d be going to were important.  And of course, my eyes were always on the weather.  If you didn’t know, the weather app (or several of them) is a photographer’s sidekick… we can’t do our jobs without them when we’ll be shooting outside!

Shortly after this photo, as we passed by some others on the street, we heard one girl say, “She looks so French!”
Shellie and I were over the moon!  What a huge compliment!

This one below is a favorite and I couldn’t decide which I liked better… so I’m posting both.

Also, stopping for a break at a café is 100% recommended.

Bride & Groom | Troy & Shellie
Minister | My husband, Ben
Hair & Makeup | Jenya of Onorina Jormir Beauty
Wedding gown | Amazon
Men’s suits | Jean Jacques Ceremonie
Florals | small side street shop

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