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March 21, 2018

Avereigh Reese | AnMed Health |Greenville Birth Photographer

My favorite birth plans are when the birth mom and dad’s goal is for a healthy baby and a healthy mommy.  With my first baby it took me until I was 39 weeks and 6 days along to be ok with this plan because I thought the last thing I wanted was a c-section.  But when it came down to it, I realized that what I ultimately wanted was a healthy baby.  And if that’s how God chose to get her here, then that was ok.

Christin and Josh were thankfully on that same birth plan too (the one with the “healthy baby and healthy mommy” plan) because their baby girl Avereigh was loving life just where she was!  At 41 weeks, Christin was induced and everything was going well.  I drove down to Anderson when she was about halfway and her water had been broken.  And when I walked in the room, Christin and Josh were just as Christin and Josh are… cool and collected and happy to be meeting their baby girl soon!


I’m not a crafty-DIY kind of girl, so I’m always so impressed when I meet people who are.  And yes, Christin is one of them!  How adorable is this sign she made for their daughter??

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-102 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-103 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-104 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-105 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-106 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-107 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-108 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-109

Christin’s sisters had shirts made for them and several others… theirs both said “Aunt-Tourage”!

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-110 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-111 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-112 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-113 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-114 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-115

I LOVE this image of Christin’s and her grandmother’s hands feeling sweet Avereigh moving around.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-116 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-117

Also, Christin’s dad is just the cutest and he loves his daughters SO much.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-118 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-119 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-120

Avereigh ended up being born via c-section later that evening.  She is perfectly healthy and doing wonderfully! But because of some extra observations they needed to do, I instead came back to the hospital for a Fresh48 session about 36 hours later :-)

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-121 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-122 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-123

I hung around with the family for a while until we knew for sure what the plan was going to be.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-124 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-125 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-126 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-127 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-128 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-129 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-130 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-131 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-132 About 24 hours later, this little lady was ready for lots of snuggles with her parents.  So about 36 hours after she was born, I headed back to the hospital for a Fresh48 session and it was magical!!

I brought my Pentax645 along just in case… and I’m so glad I did.
Look how beautiful these 2 images below are!


Baby yawns are the cutest!!

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-140 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-141a AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-141b AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-142a AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-142b AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-143 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-143b

If I could use the heart eyes emoji on my blog, they would all be RIGHT here.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-144 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-145 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-146

Look how creamy and beautiful film captures this sweet new baby girl!


Christin, being a mommy looks SO good on you.  Especially when your robe and Avereigh’s swaddle match!


Those lips.  And her throwing us a peace sign was almost more than I could handle.

AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-149 AnMed-BirthPhotographer-Avereigh-SabrinaFieldsPhotography-150

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