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March 26, 2018

Kathryn + Joseph | A Conastee Nature Park + Downtown Greenville Engagement

My husband and I didn’t meet until after my 30th birthday so when I hear of couples who have known each other since middle school or high school, I’m just amazed!  These two met in their youth group sometime around the 8th grade and while the details are a little sketchy for Kathryn, Joseph will tell you that he had a huge crush on her :-)

They were friends for quite a while before officially dating but when that first date happened, it was the best first date they’d ever had.  Especially so because it was their last first date!


We had so much fun at their engagement session just walking and talking and finding random beautiful marshy areas with glowy warm light like this!  I mean, I almost kept them there for their entire session :-)

Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-102 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-103


Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-105 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-106

Kathryn – you are stunning and I can’t WAIT to photograph you on your wedding day!

Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-107 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-108 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-109 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-110

And how beautiful is her ring??

Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-111 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-112 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-113 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-114

Oh my goodness, I love their laughter in this one.

Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-115 Conastee-Nature-Park-Engagement-Photos-116

We ventured downtown just before sunset and took a little break from the wind (and advantage of the beautiful light inside of the Hyatt Regency!) before heading to a higher vantage point to get as much light as we could from the setting sun!

Hyatt-Greenville-Engagement-Photos-117 Hyatt-Greenville-Engagement-Photos-118 Hyatt-Greenville-Engagement-Photos-119 Hyatt-Greenville-Engagement-Photos-120 Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-121

Aw, you guys!  Seriously adorable.

Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-122 Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-123

You two make sunset look so good.

Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-124 Rooftop-Engagement-Photos-125

Also, the last of these images prove that you guys mastered being in front of my camera. I mean, y’all look like models!


SO excited for your wedding day in a couple of months!


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