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April 25, 2014

Bailey Jo | Greer, SC Birth Photographer

This week has been something else… and you guys all blew me away by your support, encouragement, and excitement for the new website and branding that we launched yesterday!!  And the Grand Prize winner is… Caroline A.!!

Well, believe it or not, there’s more to this launch.  Y’all know that I’ve been shooting births for a little while now and I’m excited to share that this part of my business has it’s OWN website!!  You can view it and all the details at births.SabrinaFields.com.

On Monday, I got a text from Joanna’s husband, Ben (not to be confused with my Ben!), that she was in labor and they were at the hospital!  Y’all will recognize them and their family because ever since their wedding a couple of years ago, Joanna’s family has been on this blog several times!!  And sweet Bailey was coming a full 8 days early to join the fun!

And let me just say that every woman who goes through child birth is amazing.  I haven’t been through it yet, but every time I have the honor of photographing a birth, my awe of how God designed our bodies just continues to increase.  Every child, every birth, every one of us is a miracle and I’m beyond thankful for who He is and how He was so creative in creating us!  And Ben and Joanna are no exception to this… he wasn’t sure how he was going to react or respond to everything that she was about to go through but it’s amazing how when the time comes, these men step up to the plate to stand beside and lend strength to their wives when they need it the most!  And it’s beautiful to watch.


Joanna went into labor around 5:30am and I got to the hospital around 10:30am, not more than a few hours after they were checked in.


Joanna’s mom held her hand through a contraction or two and then relinquished that job over to Ben!

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-103 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-104

She was amazing and waited as long as she could for the epidural…

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-105 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-106 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-107

Epidural and smiles for the win!

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-108 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-109

Ben’s parents weren’t able to come up from Florida until later in the week, but FaceTime, phone calls and texts helped keep them connected.

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-110 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-111 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-112

As quickly as Bailey arrived, there was still plenty of waiting…

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-113 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-114

It seemed like the time to push came so much sooner than any of us expected.

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-115 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-116 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-117 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-118 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-119

The oxygen mask was simply to give Bailey a bit more oxygen until she was out and breathing on her own.

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-120 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-121 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-122-2 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-122 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-123 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-124 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-125 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-126 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-127

And then she was here…


And we were all in tears…

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-129 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-130 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-131 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-132 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-133 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-134 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-135 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-136 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-137

Ben stood like this for a while… just looking at his girls.

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-138 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-139 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-140 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-141 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-142 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-143

Jo… you are incredible.  And so beautiful!

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-144 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-145

Yaya and Pops on the phone from Florida, hearing their first grand baby cry for the first time!

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-146 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-147 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-148

After the first hour, Joanna’s sisters and mom came back in the room to meet her.

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-149 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-150

But not before daddy got to hold his girl for the first time.

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-151 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-152 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-153 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-154 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-155 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-156 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-157 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-158

Think what you like, but she was winking at me ;-)


Bailey Jo was born at 2:15pm and weighed in at 7lbs, 8oz (which the nurse guessed exactly right before putting her on the scale!).

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-160 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-161 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-162

His third grand baby, but he’s still taken with her…


Bailey met her Uncle Ryan and Aunt Lydia but she’ll meet her cousins soon… one of which is just 3 weeks older!  How fun is that??

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-164 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-165

Aunt Rebekah…


And Uncle Nic were just as taken with her too.

Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-167 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-168 Bailey-Greer-Birth-Photos-169

For more information on Birth Photography Packages, feel free to visit the website: http://births.sabrinafields.com/

  1. Taylor says:

    I am crying just looking at these! Sabrina, you are so talented and you capture the emotion of the moment so perfectly! Joanna is such a rockstar!

  2. Elisha says:

    Completely in tears. Stunning in every way

  3. Ruth Campbell says:

    Absolutely precious!

  4. Kristen says:

    Ok, ok – I’m a little old school and at first thought, “It’s a little weird having a photographer in the delivery room, no?!” But I was glued to the pics, looked at them all, laughed out loud, cried, and am a total convert. Would have loved to have captured my babies’ births like this. Amazing job. Beautiful pictures. Perfect little family.

  5. Kendall says:

    Stunning shots, Sabrina! Every time I see another birth you’ve photographed I am SO incredibly thankful that I have Carter’s first cry, first tears & family introductions completely documented by you! This new baby girl is a doll & these images are PRICELESS for this family. You are so talented!!

  6. Charlotte Jennings says:

    BEAUTIFUL. Aren’t births GREAT?!!!!!

  7. Emily says:

    Love these! Jo looks beautiful and what a beautiful baby girl! Sabrina, you captured it all perfectly. And can we just give a shout out to Lydia too and how amazing she looks too!

  8. Patty and John Tuff Tuff says:

    Wow! These are breathtaking.

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