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April 28, 2014

The New Mrs. | Downtown Spartanburg Wedding Photographer

I say this every time, but the hardest part about bridal portraits is that I have to WAIT to share them until after the wedding!  And Ashley’s portraits were no exception to that!!  But, because of her dress coming in a bit later than expected and alterations, we only did her portraits a couple of weeks ago so I didn’t have to wait long to share them this time!  Ashley and James’s wedding at Duncan Estate yesterday was just beyond beautiful and I can’t wait to share their wedding later this week.  But luckily, we have Ashley’s bridal portraits to tide us over!

We met in downtown Spartanburg, not far from where they would have their wedding.  The light, the weather, even the bit of wind made for the perfect setting for these!  Not to mention that Ashley is just a joy to be around.  Yes, she is breathtakingly beautiful on the outside (seriously, I could photograph her all day long!), but it’s mostly because of her love for the Lord and how He has made her beautiful on the inside.  You can’t help but fall in love with her when you spend time with her.

Ashley, thank you for letting me spend this season of your life with you… documenting the steps along the way!  And so much thanks to her mom for helping during these portraits and being the best veil tosser-upper anyone could ask for!

Ashley ended up choosing the image on the right as her portrait to have at the wedding yesterday… I love it!

Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-101 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-102

The wind wasn’t quite strong enough to do this on its own that day; this was definitely one of her mom’s awesome tosses!

Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-103 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-104

I’m still in awe of these next few… it was like was stepped into a dream for a few minutes!

Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-105 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-106 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-107

Just gorgeous!

Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-108 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-109

The best part of having a long veil?  Doing really fun things with it for photos!


Sometimes when you wander around while doing photos, you happen upon gems like this…

Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-111 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-112 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-113 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-114

This is one of my favorites from the day!!

Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-115 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-116 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-117 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-118

Oh Ashley… get it, girl.


I’m only slightly partial to lace wedding dresses (since my own was covered in it!), but the addition of her ring and the sparkle on her belt were stunning.

Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-120 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-121 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-122 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-123 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-124 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-125 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-126 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-128 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-129 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-130 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-131


This was another little gem that I wasn’t expecting to find… in downtown Spartanburg of all places!

Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-134 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-135 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-136 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-137 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-138 Spartanburg-bridal-portraits-139

  1. Ruth Campbell says:

    Wonderful pictures of a beautiful bride. Well done, Sabrina!

  2. Sandra McAvoy says:

    Such beautiful photos of Ashley! Sabrina, your are a very talented photographer! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!!

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