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December 22, 2015

Behind the Scenes in 2015

These posts are starting to pop up from other photographers and I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite posts to see every year!  Not often do you get to see what’s going on behind the camera, much less how ridiculous we sometimes look when getting those amazing shots!  And there are some in here of me that I may regret posting… and some that I’m sure Ben will not be excited to see on the internet.  However, part of shooting with me means being willing to be vulnerable and real.  And then realizing I may be posting on the blog sometime in the future :-)

So, dear internet, here’s what it looked like to be behind the camera with us this year!

It’s so strange to think that I was 34.5 weeks pregnant when we shot our first wedding of the year!


And I looked as awkward the entire day as I do in this photo on the right below!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-102 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-103

But I will say that having Catherine with me at all of those weddings was really fun!


And apparently I did not let her slow me down!


So this is what my grooms look like when I’m photographing their bouts…


My favorite light tester :-)

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-107 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-108 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-109

If you hire me to photograph and Ben to video your wedding, you will have quite the entourage following you around all day.

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-110 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-111 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-112 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-113

Oh that sunset (and post baby bump… yikes!)!


Thankfully my brides love me regardless of what kind of shape I’m in ;-)

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-115 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-116 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-117 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-118 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-119

We attach bouts, we fix ties, we even put on or take off shoes!  And y’all thought all we did on wedding days was take pictures… :-)

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-120 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-121 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-122

Sometimes I have to be IN the photos… because these people are like family!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-123 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-124

I loved this image of these girls so much that I photoshopped myself out of the one I sent to my bride.
I don’t usually photoshop but sometimes it’s completely worth it!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-125 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-126 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-127 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-128

Sometimes Ben will do a little jig…


And sometimes he’ll make friends with the grandmothers!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-130 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-131

Even though we both look super serious in the one on the right, I love it because we never get photos of both of us doing our thing!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-132 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-133 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-134

Short people problems…

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-135 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-136 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-137

Having a little fun with lighting!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-138 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-139 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-140 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-141 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-142


Sometimes what’s happening in the background is more amusing than anything :-)

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-144 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-145 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-146

Again, I had to jump in for one because this family is my “Atlanta family”!



Ben likes the really close up shots.


So I got him back… and unintentionally documented The Beard.

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-149 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-150

Then there was the time that I was singing and dancing to Shake it Off for the sake of the couple’s son!  Again, worth it.


Background = photobomber.

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-152 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-153

Whatever it takes to get the shot…


The paparazzi in the trees!


The video team!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-156 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-157 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-158 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-159

I didn’t see these of Ben until after he was climbing around… which was probably better for my heart!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-160 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-161

Still one of my favorites from the year!


The cutest d-group girl, turned bride, turned second shooter I ever did see!  There are several in here that she captured for us :-)


Yikes, sometimes I look like I’m angry at the bridesmaids!  I promise that wasn’t the case!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-164 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-165

Another photo proving that my grooms think I’m crazy when I’m getting detail shots!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-166 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-167 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-168 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-169

Light tester professionals… that’s us!

SabrinaFields_BTS2015-170 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-171 SabrinaFields_BTS2015-172

Merry Christmas!!


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