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December 18, 2015

Chelsea + Kyle | Westminister Presbyterian Church & Spartanburg Country Club Wedding

She said she had been nervous leading up to the day.  But with so many plans and details to coordinate, anyone would be nervous!  But thankfully, God eased her mind and gave her a peace that transcends all understanding so that when she woke up the morning of her wedding, Chelsea was calm and very excited about the day!

Kyle was surrounded by guys who grew up with him, walked through college with him, and currently work with him.  Guys who care about him and love him like a brother.  And to see he and Chelsea with these guys and her bridesmaids, it was more than obvious just how much they are loved.

These two met because of YoungLife, so Chelsea’s former boss (and my own YoungLife leader from high school!) performed their ceremony.  There were lots of happy tears from everyone, but what Steve reminded them about was to not let anything come between them and their marriage except for the cross of Jesus.  He is the reason they are together and so He is the only one that should ever stand between them, because He is the only one that can bring them closer together.

Thank you guys for letting us share your day with you!  Enjoy some of my favorites from their beautiful Christmas wedding!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-101 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-102 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-103 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-104 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-105 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-106

Everything was beautiful, glittery and sparkly!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-107 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-108 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-109 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-110 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-111 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-112 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-113

Chelsea, you are beautiful on any given day, but you made for one gorgeous bride!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-114 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-115 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-116

These ladies!  They were the best and the most fun!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-117 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-118

And the guys were pretty great too :-)

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-119 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-120

I LOVED the sprouts of gold in the bouquets!  They were just beautiful!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-121 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-122 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-123 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-124 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-125 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-127 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-128 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-129

These two wanted to pray together before the ceremony and it was so sweet to watch them talk and laugh and go to God before walking down the aisle.

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-131 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-132 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-133 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-134

Chelsea had her mom’s veil altered and it was just as beautiful on her as I’m sure it was on her mom when she wore it!


Gah!  Just gorgeous, Chelsea!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-136 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-137 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-138 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-139 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-140 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-141 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-142 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-143 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-144 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-145 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-146 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-147 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-148 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-149 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-150 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-151 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-152 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-153 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-154

And they’re married!!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-156 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-157 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-158 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-159 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-160

They have lots of friends and family that love them… and LOTS of students that were thrilled to be a part of their day too!


Oh my goodness, I love Christmas weddings!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-162 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-163

This one is still a huge favorite!


And we can’t forget Lexi…!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-164 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-165 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-166 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-167 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-168 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-169 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-170 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-171

This may have been my favorite daddy/daughter dance ever… the song?  Tiger Rag!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-172 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-173 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-174 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-175 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-176 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-177 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-178 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-179 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-180 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-181 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-182 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-183 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-184 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-185 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-186 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-187 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-188

And oh my goodness, it was just magical watching this sweet girl see Santa walk in!!  #meltmyheart

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-189 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-190 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-191 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-192 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-193

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this one of you guys!!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-194 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-195

Their last dance song was “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and everyone was singing along.  So much fun!

Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-196 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-197 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-198 Christmas-Green-Gold-Wedding-199

Thank you SO MUCH to all of the amazing vendors, friends, and family who made this day possible for Chelsea + Kyle!

Ceremony | Westminister Presbyterian Church
Reception | Spartanburg Country Club
Wedding Dress | Poinsett Bride
Bridesmaid Dresses | Alfred Sung
Groomsman Suits | Men’s Warehouse
Hair Artist |Randi Dodd
Makeup Artist | Natalie Marzouca
Wedding Coordinator | Kristen Walker
Minister | Steve Wise
Video | Andy McClure, Earthswell
Florals | Jan Williams
Band | New South Players
Wedding Invitations | by Meg Grey, sister of the groom
Cake Artist | Brick Street Cafe
Catering | Spartanburg Country Club

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