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May 24, 2012

Being Sick (and a Sneak Peek)

Remember that sore throat I had earlier this week?  Well, it usually goes away until around dinner time.  But it’s also brought some other friends that I will spare you the details of. The good news is that I have a rock star of a doctor who called in some antibiotics for me yesterday.  I can seriously count on one hand the number of times I’ve taken an actual sick day from my day job since finishing college x-number of years ago. And today just happens to be one of those days.  So hopefully with the medicine and some legitimate rest today (I promise I’m getting off the computer after this post!) I’ll be on the mend and ready for the two weddings I’m helping to shoot this weekend.  And of course be better in time for the Memorial Day holiday on Monday!  So, here’s to legit rest, good weekends, and saying bye bye to not feeling top notch!

Be on the lookout for more of this family.  They’re awesome so I promise you won’t want to miss them :-)

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