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April 1, 2013

Ben’s Beard Evolution

If we’d thought about it back in November, we would have taken photos of the beard as it grew.  But, “No Shave November” really only happened because Ben realized he’d left his razor at home as we were half way to Orlando for our anniversary!  He’d never really tried to grow a beard before, but I thought it would be fun. And I loved the beard!  Both of us look  young for our age (which I didn’t appreciate until just a few years ago), but his beard gave him a bit of an older look.

I asked him what he thought of shaving the beard a week or so ago and he said he would if I wanted him to (he’s so good to me).  And while I was totally game for him keeping it, the truth is… I missed his face!  He’s so handsome and with warmer weather (finally) coming, it just seemed like a good time to shave :-)  So, of course we documented.

There was no way this shave could happen without getting to the crazy mustache phase!

There he is :-)

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