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June 24, 2014

Bess + Andrew | Grace Church Downtown & The Davenport

Saturday was the first day of summer.  And it was a hot one!  And when Bess and Andrew told me halfway through the day how glad they were that they’d opted to NOT have an outdoor wedding, I almost tackled them with a hug!!  But looking back at the photos, you would never know that the temperature was in the 90s and that the humidity was as high as it was.  Sure, we all had something to say about the heat, but not ONE person had a bad attitude about it.  Every single person in the wedding party and every single member of Bess and Andrew’s family were amazing.  But after knowing these two and knowing Bess’s family and serving with all of them before, I wasn’t surprised at all with how wonderful everyone was on Saturday.

Bess and Andrew have been together since high school and even after attending different colleges, they never turned away from where God was leading them and they continued to work at their relationship even though they were a couple hours apart for several years.  This was such an anticipated day and Bess was giddy with excitement when I walked up the stairs to see her and wish her a happy wedding day!  They day they’d waited so long for was finally here and they’re now husband and wife!!

This past Saturday, there were so many smiles, so much laughter, and lots of tears that were full of joy!  Bess couldn’t have had sweeter girls to stand next to her.  And Andrew couldn’t have had funnier guys stand beside him (no, I’m serious, they were HILARIOUS!).  From morning until night, they were surrounded by people they’ve grown up with, people that have loved them through thick and thin, people who have helped direct them towards Christ, people who will continue to stand by their sides as they walk through life.  It was such an incredible day and we are so thankful to have been there with you guys.  Bess and Andrew, thank you for letting us capture your wedding day for you.  Thank you for allowing us to see Christ in and through you.  Much love to you both!


As if I wasn’t excited enough about this day, I saw her dress and then her flowers arrived.  So much beautiful all in one place!!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-102 peach-teal-southern-wedding-103 peach-teal-southern-wedding-104

I could have photographed these all.day.long.



peach-teal-southern-wedding-107 peach-teal-southern-wedding-108 peach-teal-southern-wedding-109 peach-teal-southern-wedding-110

That smile is one that only Andrew can pull out of her… even in a letter.

peach-teal-southern-wedding-111 peach-teal-southern-wedding-112 peach-teal-southern-wedding-113 peach-teal-southern-wedding-114 peach-teal-southern-wedding-115 peach-teal-southern-wedding-116 peach-teal-southern-wedding-117 peach-teal-southern-wedding-118 peach-teal-southern-wedding-119 peach-teal-southern-wedding-120

The tears came when her dad saw her for the first time!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-121 peach-teal-southern-wedding-122 peach-teal-southern-wedding-123

And then it was time to see her groom…

peach-teal-southern-wedding-124 peach-teal-southern-wedding-125 peach-teal-southern-wedding-126

I LOVE this one that Ben captured during their first look.

peach-teal-southern-wedding-127 peach-teal-southern-wedding-128 peach-teal-southern-wedding-129 peach-teal-southern-wedding-130 peach-teal-southern-wedding-131 peach-teal-southern-wedding-132

Seeing each other before the ceremony gave us plenty of time for portraits!!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-133 peach-teal-southern-wedding-134 peach-teal-southern-wedding-135 peach-teal-southern-wedding-136

Oh my heavens, these girls were the cutest!!


Girls, you are all so beautiful!


Guys, you clean up really well too!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-139 peach-teal-southern-wedding-140 peach-teal-southern-wedding-141 peach-teal-southern-wedding-142 peach-teal-southern-wedding-143 peach-teal-southern-wedding-144 peach-teal-southern-wedding-145 peach-teal-southern-wedding-146 peach-teal-southern-wedding-147 peach-teal-southern-wedding-148

Oh my cuteness!!!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-149 peach-teal-southern-wedding-150 peach-teal-southern-wedding-152 peach-teal-southern-wedding-151 peach-teal-southern-wedding-153 peach-teal-southern-wedding-154 peach-teal-southern-wedding-155 peach-teal-southern-wedding-156 peach-teal-southern-wedding-157 peach-teal-southern-wedding-158 peach-teal-southern-wedding-159

Loved this!!


And so did Bess!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-161 peach-teal-southern-wedding-162

So. Much. Joy.

peach-teal-southern-wedding-163 peach-teal-southern-wedding-164 peach-teal-southern-wedding-165 peach-teal-southern-wedding-166 peach-teal-southern-wedding-167 peach-teal-southern-wedding-168 peach-teal-southern-wedding-169 peach-teal-southern-wedding-170 peach-teal-southern-wedding-171 peach-teal-southern-wedding-172 peach-teal-southern-wedding-173 peach-teal-southern-wedding-174

Loved this frame!!  It says, First Day, Yes Day and Besst Day (get it??)!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-175 peach-teal-southern-wedding-176 peach-teal-southern-wedding-177 peach-teal-southern-wedding-178 peach-teal-southern-wedding-179 peach-teal-southern-wedding-180 peach-teal-southern-wedding-181 peach-teal-southern-wedding-182 peach-teal-southern-wedding-183 peach-teal-southern-wedding-184 peach-teal-southern-wedding-185 peach-teal-southern-wedding-186 peach-teal-southern-wedding-187 peach-teal-southern-wedding-188

These girls and their leaders were all in the same high school discipleship group and only a couple were missing on Saturday.
I can’t tell you how much I love these girls and the opportunity I’ve had to watch them grow since their junior year of high school.  And now they’re college graduates!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-189 peach-teal-southern-wedding-190

It so fun to see the parents enjoying the wedding day too!

peach-teal-southern-wedding-191 peach-teal-southern-wedding-192 peach-teal-southern-wedding-193 peach-teal-southern-wedding-194 peach-teal-southern-wedding-195 peach-teal-southern-wedding-196 peach-teal-southern-wedding-198 peach-teal-southern-wedding-199

So thankful for everyone that made this day as wonderful as it was!
Ceremony | Grace Church, Downtown Campus
Reception | The Davenport
Ceremony Coordinator | Carrie T. Moore Weddings
Wedding Dress | Magnolia’s Bridal, Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids Dresses | Wedding Shoppe, Inc.
Groomsmen’s Suits | Thomas & Sons
Hair Artist | Lindsay Hess, Andrew’s sister
Makeup | the bridesmaids!
Florals | Renee Burroughs Design
Ceremony Musicians | Jonathan Allston, Caitlin Hoffman, Will Vaughn
DJ | Jacob Kalu
Wedding Invitations | printed at home
Cake | Stax Bakery
Catering | Jim Albergotti, family friend

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