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August 19, 2013

Big Night Out and 15 Innings of Baseball

Earlier this summer I was looking at the Braves schedule to see when we might be able to go down for a game.  I grew up going to Fulton County Stadium and cheering for the Braves… namely the right fielder at the time, #3 Dale Murphy!  Even though Turner Field has replaced Fulton County Stadium, I still LOVE going to see my Braves play.

But this time, as I was looking at the schedule and trying to see if we could fit a game in around Ben’s birthday in June, I came across something that was RIGHT up his alley and would make the perfect birthday present!  Did you know that you can purchase a ticket for one of their suites and not only watch the game from above (and in the dry/warm room OR just outside the suite and in the stadium), but you can arrive early for a cooking demo and some super delicious food??  No?  I didn’t either!!  I ended up asking Ben if it would be something he was interested in because of the planning that would need to take place for this and he was pretty excited.  They only do this Big Night Out twice a month and there was a game against the Nationals in mid-July so it wasn’t too far off from his birthday.  But, for whatever reason, I waited too late and that particular night was sold out the next time I checked on it.

I was SO bummed because whatever it was about that night made it super appealing.  But, looking at their calendar and ours, I realized the Braves would be playing the Nats again in August and there was going to be another evening with The Big Night Out.  Perfect!  So, we packed up Saturday morning and headed down I-85 towards the ATL on a rainy and cold August day (what is up with this weather??).  I wasn’t too worried about the rain because we were going to be in a suite!  And the cooking demo/eating would still happen regardless.  But one of the main parts of going was to watch the game!

And watch the game we did… it went into 15 innings.  15!!!  We didn’t leave the stadium until 1:30am.  To say we were tired would be a drastic understatement!

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself.  The evening of cooking was really fun, we met some really nice people from Mississippi and Anderson, SC, and ate some really yummy food.  Donna from  “The Dishing With Donna” show and Herb Mesa were the chefs and they were so much fun!  They also had a surprise in store… which you’ll see unfold in the photos below…

It was such a gloomy day in the ATL, but I still love it and driving through midtown.
Hopefully one of these days I’ll get to shoot a bride and groom down there!

Midtown Atlanta

No idea why this was here, but something about the ferris wheel called for it to be in black and white.

Midtown Atlanta Midtown Atlanta CNN

The field was covered when we got there and it was a good thing because close to time for the first pitch, it was POURING.

BigNightOut-BravesGame BigNightOut-BravesGame

And here’s the inside of the suite.  I didn’t get many detail shots at all because… well, there was just so much going on!
But don’t you love the baseballs all around the room??  You can see them better in some of the photos below.


Donna and Herb introduced themselves and then got the show on the road.


I was so thankful for that mirror on the ceiling so we could fully see what they were doing… and get some fun shots.

BigNightOut-BravesGame BigNightOut-BravesGame

And then, this happened.  But I had no idea what was going on until I turned around and saw…


…Donna in disbelief!

BigNightOut-BravesGame BigNightOut-BravesGame

Y’all.  It was SO sweet.

BigNightOut-BravesGame BigNightOut-BravesGame BigNightOut-BravesGame BigNightOut-BravesGame



Even when I was able to chat with her later she was still in shock!
She said the only reason he’d proposed this particular night was because she would have had NO idea it was coming!


And then it was time to eat.
There was pork with spicy cayenne pepper sweet potatoes.


Crab rangoon (which I could have eaten 20 of!) – SO YUM!

BigNightOut-BravesGame Crab Rangoon

Some super delicious prime rib and veggies.


And bourbon chicken thighs with asparagus.


Luckily, the game began after a short rain delay… and then lasted for 5.5 hours!


I couldn’t help but take a photo of this lady at her post.  She loves the Braves but was also pretty serious about her position.
No one was getting by her without a ticket for that section!


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