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July 28, 2015

Boaz Lovan | Greenville, SC Birth Photographer

The hardest part about waiting for a baby to arrive is the waiting.  There are so many things about babies and our bodies that it’s practically impossible to predict when a baby will actually make his or her debut.  But when we were waiting for Catherine, I just kept telling myself towards the end that she had to come out sometime… I definitely would not be carrying around a 2 year old in my tummy so I needed to just take a few deep breaths and continue waiting for when she was ready.

And I did my best to encourage Joanna as she and Ben waited for their son Bo to arrive!  Their daughter came a week or so early and her body was even getting ready several weeks before Bo’s due date too.  But, he just kept hanging in there.  We all had our bags packed and ready to go for 2 weeks before he finally decided he wanted to come join his family out in the world!

And the good news for Joanna is that when her babies decide to come, they come FAST.  She started having consistent contractions around 2:30pm on Thursday, July 23 and at 6:07pm Bo was in her arms!  I kid you not, this woman is a rock star.  She didn’t want an epidural in hopes that it wouldn’t slow things down like it did last time.  And her plan worked, although not without the pain that comes with it.  I cried right along side her through several of her contractions…  But her husband could not stop encouraging her and praising her for how amazing she was through all of it!  And every word out of his mouth was so true.

You guys, it has been so much fun walking through life with you!  From working with Jo on staff at church, to when you guys were dating, then being able to photograph your wedding, and now having the chance to photograph the birth of both of your sweet babies, it’s all been amazing!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Bo’s birthday!

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-101 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-102 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-103 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-104 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-105 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-106 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-107 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-108 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-109 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-110 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-111 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-112 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-113


greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-115 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-116 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-117

It doesn’t matter how many times I’m able to be in a delivery room, I cry every time a baby is born.
Birth is a miracle and God is an amazing creator!

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-118 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-119 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-120 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-121

He was not afraid to make his presence known!  Bo has some excellent lungs!

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-122 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-123 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-124 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-125 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-126 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-127 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-128 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-129 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-130 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-131 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-132 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-133 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-134 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-135 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-136 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-137

He might have a good set of lungs, but he’s such a sweet boy!

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-138 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-139 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-140 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-141 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-142 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-143 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-144 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-145

That’s a proud daddy right there…

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-146 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-147

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-148 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-149 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-150 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-151

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-152 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-153 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-154 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-155 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-156 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-157 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-158 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-159 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-160 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-161 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-162 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-163 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-164 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-165 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-166 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-167

Catherine and I went back the next morning to get some photos of Bailey meeting her brother for the first time…
all the babies were fascinated with the new little one!

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-168 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-169

The cousins were really excited and a little uncertain all at the same time :-)

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-170 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-171 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-172 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-173 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-174 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-175 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-176 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-177

Tristan was “helping” blow out the candle.


My little assistant did so well the whole time we were there!  And obviously she was a little taken with her new friend Bo ;-)

greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-179 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-180

Jo, you’re such a beautiful mom…


I refer to this as a “miracle photo”… where all the kids are looking at the same time!


greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-183 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-184 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-185 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-186 greenville-birth-photos-boaz-greer-memorial-187

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