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September 11, 2013

Brian + Katie | Anytime Session

He had been deployed for about a year.  But before he left, he gave me a list of locations that meant something to he and his bride and asked me to photograph them so he could surprise her with a gallery for their wall.  This way, while he was gone for the following 12 months, she could look at the photos and remember where they had been, who they were as a couple, and dream of where God would take them in the future.

So when he came home and they’d gotten their feet back on the ground, Brian emailed me asking for a session.  They didn’t have engagement photos taken and they wanted more photos than their wedding ones.  And what better way to put more memories on the wall than with a session at sunset in an open field??

Brian and Katie, you two are amazing.  You’re amazing for the sacrifice you’ve made this past year, you’re amazing for following what God has placed in front of you, you are amazing for working to keep your marriage strong… and you’re amazingly gorgeous in front of my camera!  I so enjoyed hanging out with y’all and am still so thankful that the summer rains have passed on by!

Laughter between two people in love is one of the most amazing things anyone could ask for.

Be still my heart…

And this one?  It makes me fall more in love with love…

Katie.  I was SO serious when I said you could take up modeling if you ever feel the need for a career change.

Katie said her great-grandmother used this rocking chair to rock her babies to sleep… and I love that Katie will someday in the future do the same thing with this same chair.


Oh my heavens, I love this one too.

Thank you both… SO much… for the example of your love, your sacrifice, and your service to our country.

  1. Kim D says:

    These are gorgeous! So glad he’s back. What a perfect 9-11 post!

  2. jodi says:

    Great pictures Sabrina! Love the first rocking chair photo! They are a really cute couple!

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