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September 28, 2015

Cami + Topher | An Atlanta Engagement Session

These two have known each other so long that they can’t actually pinpoint when they first met.  And growing up at the same church, their families did all kinds of things together as the kids grew up, including being on a debate team when they were in middle school!  So, while they’ll both tell you that this was probably the first time they actually spoke words to each other, it was several years later when a conversation began to change how they thought about each other.

While on a 5 hour van ride to Tennessee to help Cami’s brother with projects for his own wedding, Cami and Topher sat next to each other and talked the entire way there.  And when it was time to make the drive home, they casually suggested that everyone keep the same seats since it worked so well on the way there…

Well, that day turned into lots of phone calls, texts, and getting to know each other and eventually they realized that this was it.  They had found the person that God had planned for each of them to spend their lives with.  And in the couple of times I’ve been able to see these two, I could not agree with God’s plan more!  They are adorable and fit together so well… their personalities just flow into one another and I can’t get over the way he looks at her… It’s easy to tell they’re both smitten and I can’t wait for their wedding next summer!

We started out in Marietta Square, not far from where Topher proposed a couple of months ago.

marietta-square-engagement-photos-102 marietta-square-engagement-photos-103 marietta-square-engagement-photos-104 marietta-square-engagement-photos-105 marietta-square-engagement-photos-106 marietta-square-engagement-photos-107 marietta-square-engagement-photos-108 marietta-square-engagement-photos-109 marietta-square-engagement-photos-110 marietta-square-engagement-photos-111 marietta-square-engagement-photos-113 marietta-square-engagement-photos-112 marietta-square-engagement-photos-114 marietta-square-engagement-photos-115

Oh my gosh, you guys are adorable!

marietta-square-engagement-photos-116 marietta-square-engagement-photos-117

I love finding spots/walls/doors that compliment what my couples are wearing!

marietta-square-engagement-photos-118 marietta-square-engagement-photos-119 marietta-square-engagement-photos-120 marietta-square-engagement-photos-100 marietta-square-engagement-photos-121

marietta-square-engagement-photos-122 marietta-square-engagement-photos-123



Topher, my goodness, what a gorgeous ring!

marietta-square-engagement-photos-125 marietta-square-engagement-photos-126

This was the spot where they got engaged…  Topher’s sister was hiding and waiting to take photos for this particular spot, but a train came by the first time they walked by and since he didn’t want to shout his proposal to Cami, he looped her around the block one more time before popping the question ;-)

marietta-square-engagement-photos-127 marietta-square-engagement-photos-128 marietta-square-engagement-photos-129 marietta-square-engagement-photos-130 marietta-square-engagement-photos-131 marietta-square-engagement-photos-132

A train did actually come by while we were still close by and I can confirm that it was LOUD!


But it provided some really cool shots like this one…


After making our way through Friday afternoon Atlanta traffic, we made it to Georgia Tech in time for a few shots before (and some after) sunset.

georgia-tech-engagement-photos-101 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-102 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-103 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-104

Even after living in midtown ATL for three semesters when I was in college, this was my first time to step foot on campus and wander a little bit.  And I have a feeling that if the sun hadn’t set, I would still be photographing these two surrounded by all the beautiful brick and landscaping!  As much as I dislike their football team, I fell in love with their campus!

georgia-tech-engagement-photos-105 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-106 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-107 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-108 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-109

You guys, I love these!

georgia-tech-engagement-photos-110 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-111 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-112



When my clients dress way better than I do, it’s a reminder of how much I need to go shopping!

georgia-tech-engagement-photos-114 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-116 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-118 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-117

Some of these are outside of my normal style, but the sun was down, the lamp posts were on, and it was fun to do something a little different!


georgia-tech-engagement-photos-122 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-121 georgia-tech-engagement-photos-123

This was the last shot of the night as we walked to our cars and I have to say I loved seeing this view before heading home.  Midtown is lovely!


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