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July 5, 2016

Caroline + Zach | A Downtown Greenville Military Engagement Session

For some reason I remember Caroline when she started following me on Instagram.  She almost always liked every photo I posted and when I looked at her profile, she was a super cute girl with a military guy at her side!  I knew she was a Clemson girl so even though we’d never met, I knew I liked her already :-)

Fast forward to when I get an email that she’s engaged!  She said that she’d somehow stumbled on my blog when she was in high school and had known for years that she wanted me to capture her wedding when the time came.  Caroline, you are so kind and genuine and I am MORE than thrilled to be the one to capture yours and Zach’s wedding next year!

When we met to talk about their wedding and photography and how they met, I knew right off the bat that I liked these two.  They’ve actually known each other since they were in 1st grade and lived in the same neighborhood.  Their families were friends until Caroline’s family moved to South Caroline and they lost touch.  Now, fast forward to when Caroline is a dancer at Clemson and Zach is a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute.  He drove down to attend a basketball game with a friend and saw her on the court dancing during halftime.  Well, he just couldn’t get her off of his mind so a few Facebook messages later and they had their first Skype date to talk for the first time in YEARS!  He asked her if she would be his date to his mid-winter formal and they had the most romantic time dancing the night away and falling in love!

Their story is so dreamy, I can barely stand it!

When Zach was getting ready to propose, he’d worked it out with a friend of Caroline’s at Clemson who told her that she wanted to take photos of her and Zach for her portfolio.  So the pair of them met her at the rowing docks at Clemson and while she was photographing, Zach got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!  She was so shocked because it was the day before their 2 year dating anniversary and she thought his gift to her was going to be a bookshelf… not a diamond ring!  Nicely done, Zach, nicely done :-)

It was so much fun to hang out with these two for their engagement photos.  They just adore being together and their smiles light up any place they set their feet.  I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding next spring… also because Zach is my THIRD Air Force groom!  How fun is that??  They wanted to incorporate his career and how they began their relationship into their engagement photos so you’ll see how we managed that at the end of their session.  Enjoy some of my favorites!


I’m always so excited to incorporate elements of a couple into their session… so we began at Flour Field where they spend lots of evenings cheering on the Greenville Drive, headed to Gringos where they enjoy date nights and ended our time dancing in the street after the sun set!  It was a perfect evening that was perfectly them!

Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-102 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-103 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-104 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-105 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-106 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-107 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-108

Caroline, don’t hate me for posting this, but I love it!  You have such a great laugh!


Don’t ask me to explain it, but the joke had to do with hummus… and that’s all I’m going to say!

Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-110 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-111

Such a gorgeous ring!



I loved these blue doors and how they perfectly coordinated with these two!

Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-114 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-115 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-116

And what better flowers for a Clemson girl than orange and white??

Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-117 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-118 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-119 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-120 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-121 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-122 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-123 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-124 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-125 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-126

It’s so fun to incorporate so many important elements into a ring shot!


Ah!  You guys nailed this shot!


Their first date was at VMI dancing the night way so I was thrilled when these two were up for recreating that night!

Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-129 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-130 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-131 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-132 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-133 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-134 Greenville-airforce-engagement-photos-135

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