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July 6, 2016

Families | Introducing Baby Charlotte

After Charlotte was born, Kendall and William wanted their son Carter to meet Charlotte before the rest of the family did.  So, William went to get him and I remember his excitement as he came in the room and started asking about “baby Cha-watte!”  It was the sweetest and he couldn’t get enough of her!  Well, after a couple of weeks, some of the newness had worn off (for him at least!), but I hope he’s able to look back on these photos when he’s older and see how much he did love her and protect her from the beginning.

I don’t do newborn sessions often because I reserve them for my birth clients, but being invited into a family’s home to document their newest little addition is so sweet and wonderful!  And since I’ve been photographing births for a while and have been able to photograph the births of siblings now (so amazing!), I’m now getting to photograph these little families that have grown from 3 to 4 people and it’s so precious!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Charlotte’s newborn session… and don’t miss how beautiful her nursery is!

Charlotte-newborn-birth-101 Charlotte-newborn-birth-102 Charlotte-newborn-birth-103 Charlotte-newborn-birth-104 Charlotte-newborn-birth-105 Charlotte-newborn-birth-106

I love this one!


I love how Carter is all “wild and crazy big brother” and Charlotte is sleeping through all of it :-)

Charlotte-newborn-birth-108 Charlotte-newborn-birth-109 Charlotte-newborn-birth-111 Charlotte-newborn-birth-110

I tend towards a “lifestyle newborn session” every time because babies don’t sleep for me if I have a camera in hand…
so when they do, we take advantage!  And praise God for the miracle He’s given us :-)

Charlotte-newborn-birth-112 Charlotte-newborn-birth-113 Charlotte-newborn-birth-114 Charlotte-newborn-birth-115 Charlotte-newborn-birth-116 Charlotte-newborn-birth-119 Charlotte-newborn-birth-117 Charlotte-newborn-birth-118 Charlotte-newborn-birth-120 Charlotte-newborn-birth-121

Y’all.  This swaddle is the perfect swaddle for a newborn baby girl in the south!  Look at that bow and monogram! #SouthernPerfection :-)

Charlotte-newborn-birth-122 Charlotte-newborn-birth-123

Annnnd… this one’s my favorite.  So beautiful, Kendall!


He may look a little mischievous, but he was also excited to be “holding” his baby sister!


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