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July 8, 2016

Turner + Ben | A Furman University + Old Cigar Warehouse Wedding

Almost 2 years to the day, I met Turner, Ben and Turner’s mom on Clemson’s campus to photograph Turner’s senior photos.  She had already walked across the stage and Ben was due for his diploma in December. They’d been dating for a little while, but they were still a year from getting engaged so I tried my hardest to get photos of just Turner and a few with Ben in them where it didn’t look like he had popped the question already!

Since that day in Clemson, these two have been in front of my camera for some pretty major life events… getting engaged, their engagement session and now their wedding!  And just knowing their history and Turner’s family’s history with one of my college roommates and her family, emotions were all kinds of high last Saturday.  So the moment I walked into her hotel room to wish her a happy wedding day, my eyes welled up with tears, which I was NOT expecting!  But I wasn’t the only one with happy tears in my eyes throughout the day so at least I wasn’t out of place :-)

Everyone was so excited that July 2, 2016 had arrived… but no one was more ready than Turner and Ben.  To them it felt like it had been an eternity of waiting, but they know that God’s timing is always perfect and they were willing to wait on His complete plan.  When Ben turned around to see Turner at their First Look, he could not soak her in enough!  And the smiles they have on their faces when they see each other for the first time?  They lasted ALL.Day.Long.

You guys!  What a journey we’ve been on these last couple of years!  I will never be able to thank you enough for allowing me into your lives the way you have.  Thank you BOTH for your service to our country (because everyone should know how much a military spouse sacrifices too!).  Not to mention Turner is an amazing kindergarten teacher and spends her days in the classroom loving on and teaching sweet kiddos!  Enjoy many of my favorites from their day… and I dare you not to smile as you scroll through!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-101 Military-Clemson-Wedding-103 Military-Clemson-Wedding-102 Military-Clemson-Wedding-104 Military-Clemson-Wedding-105

Essentials for an Air Force pilot and his wife :-)

Military-Clemson-Wedding-106 Military-Clemson-Wedding-107 Military-Clemson-Wedding-108

These girls were in awe of Turner getting her makeup done!  It was so sweet!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-109 Military-Clemson-Wedding-110 Military-Clemson-Wedding-111 Military-Clemson-Wedding-112 Military-Clemson-Wedding-113 Military-Clemson-Wedding-114 Military-Clemson-Wedding-115 Military-Clemson-Wedding-116 Military-Clemson-Wedding-117 Military-Clemson-Wedding-118

Are y’all ready…???

Military-Clemson-Wedding-119 Military-Clemson-Wedding-120 Military-Clemson-Wedding-121


Military-Clemson-Wedding-122 Military-Clemson-Wedding-123 Military-Clemson-Wedding-124 Military-Clemson-Wedding-125 Military-Clemson-Wedding-126 Military-Clemson-Wedding-127 Military-Clemson-Wedding-128

Military-Clemson-Wedding-129 Military-Clemson-Wedding-130

The perfect surprise for her pilot groom!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-131 Military-Clemson-Wedding-132

These smiles!!  All day long :-)

Military-Clemson-Wedding-133 Military-Clemson-Wedding-134 Military-Clemson-Wedding-135 Military-Clemson-Wedding-136 Military-Clemson-Wedding-137 Military-Clemson-Wedding-138 Military-Clemson-Wedding-139 Military-Clemson-Wedding-140 Military-Clemson-Wedding-141 Military-Clemson-Wedding-142 Military-Clemson-Wedding-143

But these dresses though!  Gah!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-144 Military-Clemson-Wedding-145 Military-Clemson-Wedding-146 Military-Clemson-Wedding-147 Military-Clemson-Wedding-148 Military-Clemson-Wedding-149 Military-Clemson-Wedding-150 Military-Clemson-Wedding-151 Military-Clemson-Wedding-152 Military-Clemson-Wedding-153 Military-Clemson-Wedding-154 Military-Clemson-Wedding-155 Military-Clemson-Wedding-156 Military-Clemson-Wedding-157 Military-Clemson-Wedding-158 Military-Clemson-Wedding-159 Military-Clemson-Wedding-160 Military-Clemson-Wedding-161 Military-Clemson-Wedding-162 Military-Clemson-Wedding-163

Before you read these, you may want to grab your own tissue…

Military-Clemson-Wedding-164 Military-Clemson-Wedding-165 Military-Clemson-Wedding-166

Y’all may recognize these adorable boys!
They belong to my college roommate I mentioned earlier and they’ve been on the blog a few times in their lives.

Military-Clemson-Wedding-167 Military-Clemson-Wedding-168

He was one very proud daddy!


Brittney captured this gorgeous shot while I was still outside!


Love, love, love.

Military-Clemson-Wedding-171 Military-Clemson-Wedding-172 Military-Clemson-Wedding-173 Military-Clemson-Wedding-174 Military-Clemson-Wedding-175 Military-Clemson-Wedding-176 Military-Clemson-Wedding-177

I’m telling you guys… these two had smiles for days!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-178 Military-Clemson-Wedding-179 Military-Clemson-Wedding-180 Military-Clemson-Wedding-181

This was so fun!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-182 Military-Clemson-Wedding-183 Military-Clemson-Wedding-184 Military-Clemson-Wedding-185 Military-Clemson-Wedding-186 Military-Clemson-Wedding-187 Military-Clemson-Wedding-188 Military-Clemson-Wedding-189 Military-Clemson-Wedding-190 Military-Clemson-Wedding-191

A Tiger Tail!  On the back of their cake!!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-192 Military-Clemson-Wedding-193 Military-Clemson-Wedding-194

Quite possibly one of the best groom’s cakes ever!


That photo on the scoreboard was from their senior session 2 years prior!
And since several of us were confused, the 07-02 is the date (July 2), not the score :-)

Military-Clemson-Wedding-196 Military-Clemson-Wedding-197 Military-Clemson-Wedding-198 Military-Clemson-Wedding-199 Military-Clemson-Wedding-200 Military-Clemson-Wedding-201 Military-Clemson-Wedding-202 Military-Clemson-Wedding-203 Military-Clemson-Wedding-204 Military-Clemson-Wedding-205 Military-Clemson-Wedding-206 Military-Clemson-Wedding-207 Military-Clemson-Wedding-208 Military-Clemson-Wedding-209 Military-Clemson-Wedding-210

I couldn’t even handle it… what a fun antique car!!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-211 Military-Clemson-Wedding-212 Military-Clemson-Wedding-213 Military-Clemson-Wedding-214 Military-Clemson-Wedding-215 Military-Clemson-Wedding-216 Military-Clemson-Wedding-217 Military-Clemson-Wedding-218 Military-Clemson-Wedding-219

You guys.  You definitely win the award for the smile-iest newlyweds!


Turner and her mom had told me beforehand that the Rally Cats would perform.  They also told me the Tiger would be making an appearance.
What they didn’t tell me what how excited I would be as I snapped away behind my camera!  I may have been cheering right along with everyone else!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-221 Military-Clemson-Wedding-222 Military-Clemson-Wedding-223 Military-Clemson-Wedding-224

I never actually made it into the military so while my military knowledge is fair, there is still plenty I don’t know.  Including the idea of “party shirts” that are worn underneath formal uniform jackets!  They had this one specially made for Ben and he was quite proud of it and I think everyone loved it!


If you’d like to see more of the really fun photobooth photos, check out Uptown Entertainment’s Facebook page!

Military-Clemson-Wedding-226 Military-Clemson-Wedding-227 Military-Clemson-Wedding-228 Military-Clemson-Wedding-229 Military-Clemson-Wedding-230 Military-Clemson-Wedding-231

A thousand thanks to the talented team of vendors who made Turner & Ben’s wedding so incredible!

Ceremony | Daniel Chapel, Furman University 
Reception | Old Cigar Warehouse
Wedding Dress | Allure Designs, The Castle Prom & Bridal

Invitations | Birch Craft, ordered through Hardwick Printing
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Adriana Papell, Bella Bridesmaids
Groomsman Suits | Thomas & Sons
Wedding Coordinator | Diane Alexander
Makeup Artists | Anna Katherine Dickson & Hannah McCall
Hair Artists | Jamie Cowart & Chelsea Gosnell
Florist | Memories by McMillan
Videographer | Fields Films
Pastor | Bryan Holder
Ceremony Music | Dwayne Strickland
DJ | Uptown Entertainment
Reception Uplighting |Uptown Entertainment
Catering | Reeves Catering
Cake Artist | Couture Cakes
Cookie Favors | Sugar Mamas

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