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July 3, 2014

Turner | Clemson University Senior Portraits

I first heard about Turner when my college roommate, Natalie, worked at a church one summer.  Turner was one of the girls in the youth group and Natalie just seemed to click with her family.  So, when Natalie told me that Turner would be attending Clemson and that she’d been dancing with the Rally Cats, I couldn’t believe it!  Where in the world had the time gone??  I’m pretty sure I met Turner somewhere along the way, but at one of the Clemson football games a couple of years ago, I reintroduced myself to her because I had taken my camera with me and the Rally Cats were on the field right in front of us… so of course I wanted to say hi and get a few photos amongst the excitement of game day!

Well, once again, time has flown and Turner just graduated from Clemson this past spring.  She spent four amazing years at Clemson, studying to become a teacher as well as dancing for our sports teams!  And this fall she will have her own classroom full of eager 5 year olds… she couldn’t be more excited OR more fit for that role!  You’ll see the guy she’s dating, Ben, in a few of the photos too.  They’ve been friends for 8 years but only just recently did they both finally realize what they had was a little more than that.  He’s graduating this December (yay, a fellow December grad!) so you’ll get to meet him too!  Turner, thank you for letting spend an evening at OUR alma mater with you guys.  I’m so excited for your future and all that God has for you!

 The puppy was a graduation gift from her parents.  Turner named her Tilly after Tillman Hall were she had most of her classes!


Ben is in the Air Force ROTC so it only made sense for him to be in his flight suit and for Turner to wear her camo for a few shots!

Clemson-Senior-Photos-102 Clemson-Senior-Photos-103 Clemson-Senior-Photos-104 Clemson-Senior-Photos-105

Ah!  Gorgeous!

Clemson-Senior-Photos-106 Clemson-Senior-Photos-107 Clemson-Senior-Photos-108 Clemson-Senior-Photos-109 Clemson-Senior-Photos-110 Clemson-Senior-Photos-110b

I’d never been anywhere other than the first floor of Tillman, but Ben spends most of his time on the third floor where the AFROTC is!

Clemson-Senior-Photos-111 Clemson-Senior-Photos-112 Clemson-Senior-Photos-113 Clemson-Senior-Photos-114 Clemson-Senior-Photos-115

What a cutie!!

Clemson-Senior-Photos-116 Clemson-Senior-Photos-117 Clemson-Senior-Photos-118 Clemson-Senior-Photos-119 Clemson-Senior-Photos-120

Oh my goodness, Turner… this might be my favorite!

Clemson-Senior-Photos-121 Clemson-Senior-Photos-122

A good ole Clemson boy knows how to sport the bow tie!

Clemson-Senior-Photos-123 Clemson-Senior-Photos-124 Clemson-Senior-Photos-125 Clemson-Senior-Photos-126 Clemson-Senior-Photos-127

Happy graduation year, you guys!


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