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June 8, 2016

Adoption Story | Londynn Hope

Natalie and I met at the beginning of our freshman year of college.  We were roommates for several years after that.  I’ve been in her wedding, she’s been in mine.  I’ve gone to the hospital to meet each of her children when they were born (although not during the birth itself because no one did that even 5 years ago!).  We’ve been through countless highs and lots of lows together.

So when their journey of fostering began, I was thrilled for them and extremely curious to see what God had in store for their family.  And Natalie has done an amazing job blogging their journey.  But Londynn’s specific story is HERE.  And I would love if you would read it before or after I finally get to show you photos of this precious girl and her family!

We took these photos about a month before everything was finalized because Josh and Natalie wanted photos of them all together, laughing, playing, and just being a family.  But they wanted these (and the video from Ben below) to introduce Londynn to the world.  We are SO thrilled for you guys.  That Londynn is finally a Patterson and that we get to share this with everyone!

PattersonAdoption-101 PattersonAdoption-102 PattersonAdoption-103 PattersonAdoption-104 PattersonAdoption-105 PattersonAdoption-106 PattersonAdoption-107 PattersonAdoption-108 PattersonAdoption-109 PattersonAdoption-110 PattersonAdoption-111 PattersonAdoption-112 PattersonAdoption-113 PattersonAdoption-114 PattersonAdoption-115 PattersonAdoption-116 PattersonAdoption-117 PattersonAdoption-118 PattersonAdoption-119 PattersonAdoption-120 PattersonAdoption-121

When Natalie asked me to come and get some photos at the adoption, it was as if she’d asked me to come visit her new baby in the hospital.  I’d been there to meet the other three from the very beginning so of course I’d be there for their 4th!

PattersonAdoption-124 PattersonAdoption-125

The hearing was pretty quick and SO sweet.  Their attorney asked both Josh and Natalie how their family had accepted Londynn and if she had acclimated to their family.  Josh’s responses made me tear up.  Several times.  And when Natalie was questioned and ended with “We love her” I almost lost it.


Officially and legally a family!

PattersonAdoption-127 PattersonAdoption-128

All the cousins (minus 1)!


The whole family (minus one uncle and cousin)!


Adri gave Londynn a beautiful necklace… and I don’t think I could love this photo any more than I do.


Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your story!  The Fields love all 6 of you!


And now for a few behind the scenes and the video my incredibly talented husband put together!

PattersonAdoption-123 PattersonAdoption-122


Londynn Hope Patterson from Fields Films on Vimeo.

  1. Melissa says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures and video! I’m in tears! (Happy tears!!)

  2. Nell Green says:

    this made me cry….in a good way. : )

  3. Sally Touset says:

    Beautiful pictures and video and what a wonderful family!! Best wishes for the future!!

  4. Lynn says:

    Beautiful job of capturing the love of a beautiful family! What treasures you have created for them, Ben & Sabrina!

  5. Gail Mauldin says:

    We fostered this sweet little girl!! Im sitting here crying my eyes out to see she is ok and Loved also Adopted!!!!! Mama Gail still loves you with all her heart Fly high baby girl!!! Thank you God for letting me know she is ok!!!

  6. Joan Kane says:

    The necklace picture <3 So happy for the entire family!

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