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May 17, 2016

Catherine | 15 months

When I went to get her up from her afternoon nap today, the light in her room was so soft that I had to grab my DSLR.  It’s been a while since I last took non-iPhone photos of her and since she turned 15 months today, it seemed like a good opportunity.


She is always so content when she wakes up that in the mornings or after a nap, I’m able to finish up whatever I’m doing before going to get her.  This may change as she grows older, but for now, I love listening to her chatter to herself as she rolls around, sucking her thumb and waits on us to come get her :-)

We don’t know what she’s saying 99.9% of the time, but I love her stories and chatter!!


But, if she stands up before I get in there, that’s my cue to go to her room ASAP!  We lowered her crib last weekend because she’s started attempting to climb various things around the house.  She hasn’t come close to getting onto or over anything yet so we’re still safe, but I just felt better getting her crib lowered!

Things she loves:

  • walking following me around the house
  • “reading” her books (it makes our hearts so happy to watch her do this!)
  • Mickey Mouse Club House
  • dancing to any kind of music at any given time (I love it!!)
  • being outside (oh the tantrums when we have to come in before she’s ready!)
  • eating (most days)
  • being chased around the kitchen by her daddy
  • staying with my mom, her mémé (pronounced MAY-may)
  • going up and down steps (we still hold at least one of her hands, but thankfully she’s figured out how to bend her knee when going down steps!)
  • saying “dada” to everything!

New things she’s doing:

  • timeout (ha! But for real.)
  • saying “woah woah” for dogs when she sees them, except she prefers seeing them from a distance
  • signing “please” when we say it in French or Spanish and she’s starting to do it on her own without us prompting!  It’s much better than her yelling for something.
  • she knew the sign for “more” in French, Spanish and English, but when we started using the sign for please, she dropped “more” almost completely.
  • When we ask for a bisou or beso (kiss in French and Spanish) she will stop almost anything she’s doing to lean in and give us a kiss. #HeartMelt  Sometimes it’s her cheek, sometimes it’s her lips, sometimes if she’s just not feeling it, she’ll lean her forehead into us and we crack up laughing after we kiss her.
  • saying “nigh nigh” for goodnight
  • waving when we say “ciao!”
  • and I know there are more but these are the main ones right now :-)

This beautiful, precious girl brings so much light, laughter and joy to our days and my continued prayer is that she will always bring the joy of the Lord to anyone she’s around.  Maybe once she gets past the staring-everyone-down-stage she’ll be better about sharing that joy ;-)


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