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May 19, 2016

Becklin + Frank | A Tyger Pines Arabians Engagement Session

She was a freshman at North Greenville University waiting for a job interview on campus when this guy came in and started pacing the room, occasionally glancing her way.  Her first thought was that this guy needed something to do because clearly he was bored!  But his first thought was how beautiful this girl was!

As it turns out, he already worked where she was interviewing and they soon became co-workers who turned into friends, who turned into a couple and they haven’t looked back since.

When Frank took Becklin and two of her friends on a Frecklin date (where two of Becklin’s friends would hang out with her and Frank and he would actually show them what it looks like for a Christian guy to pursue and treat a Christian girl well!) he asked Becklin to follow him into a river so he could show her something.  None of this was out of the ordinary because they really enjoy the outdoors!

But when he began reading passages to her about love and husbands and wives, she knew what was coming… he then pointed to a rock in the water and asked her to pick it up.  When she turned it over, it said, “Will you marry me?” on it and as she turned around in shock and excitement, he was down on one knee, ready to ask the same question out loud.  It took her no time at all to say yes!

Last week, I met these two at Tyger Pines Arabians where they’ll be getting married next year and oh my goodness, it’s so beautiful!  There is a perfect spot for photos everywhere you turn.  I had such a blast getting to know these two a little bit and can’t believe I have to wait a year before we meet here again for their wedding!  But, as we all know, a year can go by quickly, as I’m sure these two are hoping :-)


And from the word go, these two were smiling and laughing like pros!

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-102 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-103 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-104 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-105 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-106

Frank.  For real.  Becklin’s diamond is gorgeous… especially when paired with your intentions for a godly marriage.

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-107 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-108 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-109

I have so many favorites, but this one is at the top of them.  Becklin, you are beautiful!

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-110 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-111 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-112 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-113

The second I saw this swing, I knew we’d be in this spot on their wedding day with her in her dress and he in his suit!
Ah!  Can’t wait!

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-114 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-115 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-116 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-117

Hand in hand with the most beautiful scenery and light!

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-118 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-119 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-120

Funny story… if you follow me on Snapchat, you may have seen us going off-road in a golf cart.  Well, we were headed towards this exact spot.  However, a storm was about to roll through so it was almost pitch dark in these trees and we had about 2 minutes before Miss Maggie (our chauffeur!) was telling us we needed to return to the barn ASAP!  Thankful for high ISO and low aperture and a tiny bit more tweaking in Lightroom to get these couple of shots!

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-121 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-122

These were actually taken about 15 minutes before the storm came…

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-123 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-124

After taking a brief respite in the barn, we were able to head back outside.

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-125 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-126

I’m pretty sure this is the first engagement session where I’ve had a horse join us!

Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-127 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-128 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-129 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-130 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-131 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-132 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-135 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-136 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-137 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-138 Tyger-Pines-Engagement-Photos-139

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