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September 22, 2020

Catherine + Cameron | Downtown Greenville Engagement Session

Catherine and Cameron were both a part of a theater group based in her home town, but didn’t meet until they were both a part of a group that went to perform in Scotland.  She remembers seeing him and he remembers thinking she was cute but just “knowing” she had a boyfriend!  But that didn’t stop him from at least getting to know her.

But after coming home and they did start dating, they were long distance for longer than either of them would have liked!  Cameron knew – during one of those lonely 5 hour drives back to North Carolina – that he didn’t want to keep saying goodbye.

As he said, “Have you ever bought a gift and have been so excited about it that you just spoiled it and had to give it to the person immediately because you couldn’t even contain your excitement? That was my proposal.”  He tried to disguise it by saying they were taking Christmas photos with her family, which isn’t odd since her mom is also a photographer and takes photos of them quite often!  But, with her, he has a terrible poker face.  So, Catherine knew something was going on…

But I don’t think she’ll soon forget the moment when they arrived, he fumbled for something (the ring box!) and they walked into the park.  He got down on one knee, told her that he loved her with all his heart and that he wouldn’t want to spend another day without her. He then asked her to marry him.

I can only imagine how stunning Catherine is going to be in her wedding dress…
I mean, look at what a knock-out she is in this yellow!!

We were in the area and this was the spot where Cameron asked Catherine to be his girlfriend :-)

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