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December 28, 2015

Catherine’s First Christmas

It’s official… our Christmases will never be the same.  But since it involves this sweet little girl, we are completely ok with that.

She didn’t understand everything that was going on, she hasn’t quite grasped the concept of unwrapping gifts, and she still wants to put everything from ornaments to gifts to wrapping paper in her mouth.  But reading the story of Jesus’ birth to her, celebrating with family, and lounging around on Christmas morning was even sweeter than ever!

So, enjoy some of my favorites from Christmas week!


One of the things we got her (not necessarily as a Christmas gift) was cloth diapers… and this cracks me up because it looks like she’s counting them!


And then she tried to eat them.


We spent Christmas Eve with Ben’s side of the family and she loved the attention!


Her facial expressions kill me!


And she cracks everyone else up too!


She was so enamored with her big cousins… that or she was terrified ;-)

Christmas2015-107 Christmas2015-108 Christmas2015-109 Christmas2015-110 Christmas2015-111 Christmas2015-112

Close-up selfie…


She was worn.out. from the evening!


Unfortunately even though she was up late the night before, she still woke up at 6:30am.  Thankfully she went back down for her nap around 8am and we all slept in until 11am!  It was fabulous.


And look what Ben gave me… a Griffindor snuggie!!

Christmas2015-116 Christmas2015-117

Sometimes it’s hard being a baby and opening gifts!


But daddy made it better…


…and the formula helped too.


We ended the day at my mom’s for gifts and a quick dinner before Ben and I headed out to see Star Wars!  We always go see a movie on Christmas day, but this year we had to go in shifts.  Mom and my brother went in the afternoon, then they kept Catherine so we could go that evening.  It was so much fun and we’re so thankful my mom was able to watch her!


These were taken Sunday morning after Christmas but it was still Christmas weekend so they made it to the blog.
Plus, she was just so darn cute!


And this might be one of my new favorite images of her…


Since she’s still not mobile, this is the closest she’s gotten to the Christmas tree all month.

Christmas2015-125 Christmas2015-126

And as she reached out for the ornament, she fell right over and ended up directly under the tree!
Funny baby… :-)


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