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December 29, 2015

The New Mrs. | SC Governor’s Mansion Bridal Portraits | Sarah

It was a week or so after Columbia suffered its worst flood in 1,000 years.  And I was worried about taking Sarah out in her dress if things weren’t going to be as beautiful as she’d hoped for her bridal portraits.  But she assured me that 1) her family and their home was ok, 2) the places we were going would be fine and 3) she was up for her portraits and ready to go!

And she was right.  Columbia suffered a lot this summer but it still has its beauty and charm.  Which only magnified the gorgeous bride Sarah made!

She and Zach were married yesterday (yes, a Monday wedding!) and I’m so excited to share some of my favorites with you soon.  But until then, I’m thrilled to share Sarah’s bridals with you!  Sarah, you are just stunning and I’m so excited for you and Zach… and most importantly that you no longer have to be long distance!

We started at the SC Governor’s Mansion and y’all… it’s so beautiful there!

SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-101 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-102 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-103

I mean… just gorgeous.  The steps even look like lace!

SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-104 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-105 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-106 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-107

Seriously stunning, Sarah.

SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-108 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-109 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-111 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-110

This is the one she chose for her portrait and I’m so glad she did!  It’s beautiful!

SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-113 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-114 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-115

This one feels like we stepped into a secret garden for a moment…

SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-116 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-117 SC-Governors-Mansion-bridal-photos-118

We then headed over to “the other college campus” (aka, the University of South Carolina) to finish up her session.
She and I are both Clemson grads, but we had to admit, this part of campus is really pretty!  Not to mention the light… oh the light!

USC-Horseshoe-bridal-photos-119 USC-Horseshoe-bridal-photos-120

Hello gorgeous!  Seriously, Sarah!


Zach is in the Air Force, so they embraced the red, white and blue for their wedding!  And oh those shoes are perfect!

USC-Horseshoe-bridal-photos-122 USC-Horseshoe-bridal-photos-123

The light…!

USC-Horseshoe-bridal-photos-124 USC-Horseshoe-bridal-photos-125

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