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December 31, 2015

2015 Canvas Contest

My last wedding was on Monday of this week and I’m so excited to squeeze in the annual canvas contest around the new year!  What a better way to celebrate wrapping up one year and heading into another than by having the annual contest??  One of my couples will win a 24×36 canvas wrap from their wedding to hang in their home!!

I’ll be doing a look back at the year as we head into 2016, but this post will give you a reminder of all of the couples we had the joy of celebrating with as they became husband and wife!  My hope and prayer is that all of my couples will be able to look back on their wedding photos as the years go by so that they can remember the day they began their journey together.

And now, it’s your turn to have a part in this too!  Below is one of my favorite images from each wedding and you have until Monday, January 4, at 10pm to cast your vote for your favorite.  Each person gets one vote every 12 hours so choose wisely and come back twice a day to vote!

Note 1: The couple’s names are above their photo and the poll to vote is at the bottom of the post!  

Note 2: Please be honest about your votes! I know there are some super smart people out there who are able to figure out how to vote more than once every 12 hours but that’s not fair to others in the contest.  Thanks!

And to make it easier for my couples, just copy and paste this onto social media: Help me win a canvas from Sabrina Fields Photography! See how on her blog here: http://wp.me/p2qftZ-50H

Holly + Ben

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/holly-ben-wedding

Jillian + Derek

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/jillian-derek-wedding

Ashley + Chris

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/ashley-chris-wedding

Karen + Brad

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/karen-brad-wedding

Celeste + Brandon

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/celeste-brandon

Mari Caroline + Scott

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/maricaroline-scott-wedding

Anne + Steve

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/anne-steve-wedding

Courtney + Ray

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/courtney-ray-wedding

Hannah + Wes

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/hannah-wes-wedding

Susie + Luke

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/susie-luke-wedding

Destiny + Daniel

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/destiny-daniel-wedding

Chelsea + Kyle

View More: http://sabrinafields.pass.us/chelsea-kyle-wedding

Sarah + Zach


Congrats to Mari Caroline and Scott for winning this year’s canvas!!

  1. Priscilla Moore says:

    great look!

  2. Starla says:

    Jillian and Dereck are just adorable!

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