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January 5, 2016

Sarah + Zach | A Northeast Presbyterian and Members Club at Woodcreek Wedding

When I walked into her parents’ house, Sarah was still doing some last minute things.  But for the most part, all the details had been taken care of, her bags were packed and ready to move, and all that was left to do were the finishing touches of her make-up and to put on her dress so that she could go and see her groom.

Before he knew it, his bride was in place and waiting around the corner from him.  No longer would they be long distance.  No longer would they have to say goodnight over the phone or via text.  No longer would they have to wait until the next visit to see each other.  The moment he rounded the corner to see her for the first time, they closed the gap on being apart for a while and just held each other as they soaked in what this day meant.

The day was full of celebration with friends and family and lots of happy tears…  And dancing!  DJ Paul kept the dance floor hopping with swing and shag music all evening!  Which was perfect because Paul was their dance instructor when they first met swing dancing in Clemson.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Sarah and Zach’s red, white and blue wedding!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-101 military-red-white-blue-wedding-102 military-red-white-blue-wedding-103 military-red-white-blue-wedding-104 military-red-white-blue-wedding-105 military-red-white-blue-wedding-106 military-red-white-blue-wedding-107

Their colors were red, white and blue, but there were a couple touches of orange for their Clemson roots.

military-red-white-blue-wedding-108 military-red-white-blue-wedding-109 military-red-white-blue-wedding-110 military-red-white-blue-wedding-111 military-red-white-blue-wedding-112 military-red-white-blue-wedding-113 military-red-white-blue-wedding-114 military-red-white-blue-wedding-115 military-red-white-blue-wedding-116

Sarah, you. are. beautiful.

military-red-white-blue-wedding-117 military-red-white-blue-wedding-118

The anticipation of such a sweet first look…

military-red-white-blue-wedding-119 military-red-white-blue-wedding-120 military-red-white-blue-wedding-121 military-red-white-blue-wedding-122 military-red-white-blue-wedding-123 military-red-white-blue-wedding-124 military-red-white-blue-wedding-125 military-red-white-blue-wedding-126 military-red-white-blue-wedding-127

So classic!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-128 military-red-white-blue-wedding-129 military-red-white-blue-wedding-130 military-red-white-blue-wedding-131

So dapper and so lovely!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-132 military-red-white-blue-wedding-133

Sarah… your hair, your dress, your jewelry was all beautiful, but nothing made you light up like Zach did!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-134 military-red-white-blue-wedding-135 military-red-white-blue-wedding-136 military-red-white-blue-wedding-137 military-red-white-blue-wedding-138

I love it when the wind works in our favor!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-139 military-red-white-blue-wedding-140 military-red-white-blue-wedding-141 military-red-white-blue-wedding-142 military-red-white-blue-wedding-143

It was a little tricky getting everyone into the woods, but I think it was worth it… thank you guys for trusting me!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-144 military-red-white-blue-wedding-145 military-red-white-blue-wedding-146 military-red-white-blue-wedding-148 military-red-white-blue-wedding-149 military-red-white-blue-wedding-150 military-red-white-blue-wedding-151

The bow ties!!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-152 military-red-white-blue-wedding-153 military-red-white-blue-wedding-154 military-red-white-blue-wedding-155 military-red-white-blue-wedding-156 military-red-white-blue-wedding-157 military-red-white-blue-wedding-158 military-red-white-blue-wedding-159 military-red-white-blue-wedding-160 military-red-white-blue-wedding-161

He carried her all day.  And I know he’d carry her every day if she asked him to.

military-red-white-blue-wedding-162 military-red-white-blue-wedding-163 military-red-white-blue-wedding-164 military-red-white-blue-wedding-165 military-red-white-blue-wedding-166 military-red-white-blue-wedding-167 military-red-white-blue-wedding-168 military-red-white-blue-wedding-169 military-red-white-blue-wedding-170

They’re married!!


There was a 100% chance of rain for their Monday wedding the week before.  And as time passed and all of us prayed that the rain would hold off, that percentage kept decreasing.  When I arrived in Columbia, the skies were overcast and there was a 30% chance of rain for the hour during their ceremony.  And as I got out of my car, I said one more prayer for the day and the weather… and you know what?  It did rain.  But ONLY during the ceremony!!  Thank you, Lord for such a beautiful day!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-172 military-red-white-blue-wedding-173 military-red-white-blue-wedding-174 military-red-white-blue-wedding-175 military-red-white-blue-wedding-176

After the ceremony and photos with family, we all headed over to the Members Club at Woodcreek to celebrate!

military-red-white-blue-wedding-177 military-red-white-blue-wedding-179 military-red-white-blue-wedding-180 military-red-white-blue-wedding-181 military-red-white-blue-wedding-182 military-red-white-blue-wedding-183 military-red-white-blue-wedding-184 military-red-white-blue-wedding-185 military-red-white-blue-wedding-186 military-red-white-blue-wedding-187 military-red-white-blue-wedding-188 military-red-white-blue-wedding-189 military-red-white-blue-wedding-190 military-red-white-blue-wedding-191 military-red-white-blue-wedding-192 military-red-white-blue-wedding-193 military-red-white-blue-wedding-194 military-red-white-blue-wedding-195 military-red-white-blue-wedding-196 military-red-white-blue-wedding-197 military-red-white-blue-wedding-198 military-red-white-blue-wedding-199 military-red-white-blue-wedding-200 military-red-white-blue-wedding-201 military-red-white-blue-wedding-202 military-red-white-blue-wedding-203 military-red-white-blue-wedding-204 military-red-white-blue-wedding-205 military-red-white-blue-wedding-206

Thank you SO MUCH to all of the amazing vendors, friends, and family who made this day possible for Sarah + Zach!

Ceremony | Northeast Presbyterian Church
Reception | Members Club at Woodcreek
Wedding Dress | Evelyn’s Bridal
Groomsman Suits | Belk
Makeup Artist | the bride
Wedding Coordinator | Diane Cotran (church), Betty Nelle Pressly (reception)
Florals | American Floral
Minister | Pastor Crow
DJ | Paul Hoke
Wedding Invitations | Alicia Beam of Alicia’s Gifts & Invites
Cake Artist | Sweet a Cupcake
Catering | Members Club at Woodcreek

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