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July 22, 2014

Ceci + Ethan | Furman University | Daniel Chapel & The Younts Center

This time last week, the forecast for Ceci & Ethan’s wedding day was 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms.  That percentage decreased a little as the week went on, but by Saturday, the weather was rainy and dreary.  But that didn’t keep any of us from praying and hoping it would all be gone by the next day!  And you know what?  God must have heard the cries of all 200+ that were at the wedding because the day was beautiful!  Not only that, but it felt more like a wedding in mid-May than late July.  It was PERFECT!

Ceci and Ethan’s goal for their wedding day was for God’s name to be glorified as they became husband and wife in front of their family and friends.  And the whole day was exactly that.  From the personal message from the minister to the amazingly sweet and sincere toasts at the reception, this wedding day was all about Him.  And the joy that He gave this amazing couple radiated through everyone all day long!  Ceci and Ethan were all smiles no matter what was happening, the bridesmaids were full of laughter, and the groomsmen were as fun and goofy as you’d expect them to be.

Tears of happiness fell throughout the day and hugs, handshakes, and pats on the back were in abundance.  Ceci’s side of the family is from Miami and Latin America so almost immediately after meeting a family member, they were hugging and kissing our cheeks as if we were long lost cousins!  The best part though, is that Ethan’s side of the family was just as warm and loving!  And man, did they ALL know how to make use of the dance floor!  From the time the music started, they didn’t stop dancing until Ceci and Ethan left!

You guys… from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and for the honor of capturing your first day as husband and wife.  I hope you’re having a blast in the British Virgin Islands and soaking up some extra sun for me!  Lots of love!


Her Paloma Blanca dress was to die for… and while I swooned over Pam’s floral creations, it all really came together when I saw them with the bridesmaid’s dresses!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-102 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-103 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-104 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-105 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-106 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-107 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-108 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-109 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-110 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-111 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-112 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-113

You know you’ve found the right clients when they trust you with anything… including zipping up her dress outside!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-114 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-115 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-116 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-117 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-118 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-119

I’m forever thankful for Ben hanging out with the guys as they get ready… especially when I find images like these two.  Love them.


fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-121 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-122 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-123

Girls – y’all are gorgeous!


See what I mean about the flowers?!?!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-125 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-126 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-127 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-128

Another thing I’m loving this year are the dark grey suits.  Looking good, guys!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-129 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-130 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-131

And you know how this southern girl feels about bowties!  Love them!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-132 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-133

Jackson, the ring bearer and the groom’s younger brother, was a show stealer for sure!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-134 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-135 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-136 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-137 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-138

Ceci and Ethan opted to not see each other before the ceremony, but they wanted to exchange notes and pray together before walking down the aisle.
It was such a sweet and intimate moment… and I really don’t think they remembered we were even there.

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-139 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-140 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-141 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-142 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-143 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-144 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-145 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-146 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-147 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-148 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-149 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-150

Just.  Beautiful.

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-151 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-152 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-153 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-154 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-155 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-156 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-157 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-158 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-159 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-160 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-161 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-162

They’re married!!!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-163 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-164 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-165 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-166 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-167

Oh my goodness… I seriously love these two!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-168 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-169 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-170

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-171 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-172 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-173 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-174 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-175 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-176 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-177 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-178 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-179 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-180 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-181 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-182 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-183 Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-187 Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo Couture Cakes of Greenville Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo Couture Cakes of Greenville

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-191 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-192 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-193 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-194 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-195 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-196 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-197

The next two are pretty similar but I was SO EXCITED that I was in the right spot for the dip at the end of their first dance!!
I’m NEVER in the right spot for the dip at the end of a first dance!!  So I just had to share them both!

Furman Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo Furman Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-200 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-201 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-202 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-203

I don’t think Ceci was the only one in tears as she danced with her grandpa…

Furman Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-205

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-206 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-207 Furman Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-209 Furman Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo

I normally don’t post this many cake cutting photos, but if you know these two, it’s just SO them.  I love it!

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-212 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-213 Furman Younts Conference Center Wedding Reception Photo fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-215 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-216

One of my favorite parts of the night is taking a break with the couple for a handful of night photos… it gives them a few more minutes to soak in the day… together.

fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-217 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-218 Furman Cherrydale House Wedding Photo fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-220 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-221 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-222 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-223 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-224 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-225 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-226 fuchsia-gray-summer-wedding-227

So thankful for everyone that made this day as wonderful as it was!
Ceremony | Daniel Chapel, Furman University
Reception | The Younts Conference Center
Wedding Coordinator | Mary Hearne
Wedding Dress | Chic Parisien, Paloma Blanca
Bridesmaids Dresses | Dessy Group, Alfred Sung
Groomsmen’s Suits | Men’s Warehouse
Hair Artist | Ivy Salon 
Makeup | Debbie Hernandez, cousin
Florals | Pam Rowland & Design Company
Cake | Couture Cakes of Greenville
Catering | Bell Tower Catering

  1. Dayna says:

    I think that might be the best “first (non) look” ever! How sweet and beautiful. The b&w of them reading on either edge of the wall is amazing.

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