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July 21, 2014

The New Mrs. | Furman University Bridal Portraits

I know that I blogged on Friday, but today I’m officially back.  Thank you guys SO MUCH for being patient with me taking a couple of weeks off from here!  I really enjoy this little spot of mine on the web, but it’s also good to take a vacation from it every once in a while.

Furman University is one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever stepped foot on.  And not only did we have a gorgeous day last month for Ceci’s bridal portraits, but the Lord held off the rain and gave us a bit of sun for their wedding day yesterday!

Ceci is such a beautiful girl and her smile literally lights up any place she is.  So getting to know her and Ethan these last several months and getting to spend time with them and having conversations over email has been SUCH a blessing to me.  I could just go on and on about how much I love these two, but I’m so excited to share Ceci’s bridal portraits with you!

Since her family is in Miami, her sweet mother-in-law and Ethan’s aunt came to help… we couldn’t have done any of this session without them!  Enjoy some of my favorites and be sure to come back tomorrow for Ceci and Ethan’s wedding blog post!

Furman-Bridal-Portraits-101 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-102 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-103

The light was just divine!

Furman-Bridal-Portraits-104 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-105

This one takes my breath away… every time I see it.

Furman-Bridal-Portraits-106 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-107 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-108 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-109 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-110 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-111 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-112 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-113 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-114

Don’t worry, we had sheets between Ceci’s dress and the grass!

Furman-Bridal-Portraits-115 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-116 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-117

Y’all… this dress and her veil.  Just gorgeous!

Furman-Bridal-Portraits-118 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-119 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-120

Furman, you never disappoint me with your backdrop.

Furman-Bridal-Portraits-121 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-122 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-123

We got a few photos in the Rose Garden before wrapping up.  It’s just like a fairy tale in there!

Furman-Bridal-Portraits-124 Furman-Bridal-Portraits-125

We had actually finished up, but Ethan’s mom noticed the sunset and thought it would be really cute for Ceci to kick off her shoes and relax for a minute.
And it’s actually one of my favorites from the session!


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