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August 26, 2013

Charleston Weekend

We’d been talking about taking a weekend and going to Charleston since the summer started.  We had picked a couple of weekends but nothing was on the calendar yet.  And you know how it is… unless it’s on the calendar, it may not actually happen!  So, we finally put a date on the calendar and went.  And thanks to some amazing friends and some generously donated hotel points, we were able to stay right in downtown!  Originally I was going to try and schedule a photo session or two, but quickly decided that I didn’t want to work.  Our real vacation isn’t until November so it was nice to wrap up the summer with a weekend away for just us.  And it was perfect.  AND it only rained once!  It sprinkled just a bit while we were on Daniel Island at Crossfit Discovery for a morning workout.  And if you ask me, it was the perfect time for rain as we ran three 400m runs during our workout.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… we checked in and saw the most gorgeous sunset from our room.

We left soon after to walk several blocks for dinner at 39 Rue de Jean for dinner.
Some of the photos are going to look quite grainy because I only took the camera on my iPhone to document the weekend!

The Ravenel Bridge to and from Daniel Island…

Do you see how our shirts are two different colors?  That’s the sign of a good workout.

Why yes, that IS Game Day on the tv… they were doing a special edition to get us ready for college football that starts THIS weekend!

We were worried about the rain because we wanted to go kayaking Saturday afternoon… but it held off and it was gorgeous outside!

We paddled in and out of Shem Creek where there was so much activity!

Ben did much better with the paddling than I did.  It was cool to be out on the water and see all that we did, but kayaking just isn’t my thing.

This little island is a sanctuary for birds during mating season. No one is allowed to even dock on this land until mid-October!

After being in the open water (as my arms and shoulders screamed for mercy!), we paddled into the marshes and behind several houses.

There were smaller docks, house boats, awesome backyards and lots of wildlife.

The clouds were dark for a bit but no rain came!
And then we headed to my favorite place in Charleston… Christophe’s! And it was only a block away from our hotel!
I’ve been to many French bakeries in the states and although most have tried, none have come close to the real thing… except for Christophe. So if you find yourself wandering in downtown and come upon Society Street, you MUST stop in and have a croissant or pain au chocolat!

This was actually breakfast the next morning… seems Ben was the only one that took photos of our food at dinner!

The lobby at the Renaissance is to die for.

Sunday morning after breakfast and checking out, we wandered through the market.
I never seem to take pictures while there, but I got one of this guy kayaking in honor of our excursion on Saturday.

We tried some of this Belgian gelato on Friday night… and it was DELICIOUS.  I’m not sure how it compares to Italian gelato, but that would be a fun experiment!

The other thing I wanted to do before we left was to swing on a swing by the waterfront….

And after waiting a while, one finally came open.

It was actually really chilly by the water so we didn’t stay too long before wandering through the neighborhoods and doing some “dream house hunting.”
If we ever have a couple spare million dollars we night invest in one of these.  Buuuutt…. maybe not.

But oh my word… they’re just so lovely!

Before heading out of town, we met up with my “little” brother for lunch on King Street.  I didn’t post them, but the photos before this one were of him petting my head.
It seems little brothers will always have that annoying quality about them :-)

I hope everyone’s weekend was as fun and relaxing as ours!
Happy Monday!

  1. Caroline says:

    So glad you had such a great trip!! So many of the spots you were at are my favorites too! And you were around the corner from some of my old apartments more than once!!

  2. Rachel says:

    Love this! We are heading to Charleston this weekend for labor day and anniversary! We have rented a house on folly beach and I can’t wait! After living there for 2.5 years I can’t wait to get back and show my husband around!

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