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August 28, 2013

New KISS Wedding Albums!

Just recently KISS did a revamp of their books and materials.  And my oh my… I was chomping at the bit to get my new sample albums in and it was SOOO worth the wait!  I received the sample colors a while ago and I wish there was a way for you to feel the leather and the linen through the computer screen.  The leather is SO soft and the linen is a genuine linen!  And one of the best new features??  They now offer engraving on the covers in several different fonts. It’s like icing on the cake.

Now let me show you how pretty these albums are!

The white one (aka Baby Elephant) in the middle is actually a client’s, but I loved having another color in the set to show off!

Look at that linen!  And the fact that they added an orange color option (aka Frisbee) just makes it even better.

Even the linen engagement albums can have names added!

This is the 10×10 Leather Wedding Album in “Something Blue” (don’t you love these color names??).

Each album opens to 2 black pages.

Isn’t is so pretty??  David and Christen, I love that I’ll get to show off your Fripp Island wedding each time I meet with a new bride!

The pages in the leather albums are thick and durable.

They’ve made the corners a tad more square than round for these new books and I like it.
And by the way… EACH and every album is handmade.  So this leather that’s folded in so nicely?  Totally done by hand!

Ahh… full page spreads make my heart happy.

This is the 10×10 linen engagement album.

Y’all had to know that I would have put Margaret and Will’s Clemson engagement session into an orange book!

Even the linen albums open to the black inside cover too!

Which allows a little more protection AND the first photos you see will be side by side pages.

Each album – no matter what size – can come with its own slip cover as an add-on.

I decided to do an 8×8 Leather Wedding Album from Margaret and Will’s wedding so I could show new brides a full story of the same couple.

Every time I do an album layout, I imagine the couple’s children looking at these books over and over as they grow up…

Will and Margaret’s kids will know this anyway, but their wedding album is proof that they’ve always had a lot of fun!

And then we have these little guys… the Little KISSes!  They are PERFECT for carrying around in your purse.

And even these can have names added!

Bill and Sheila, you guys and your kids make these books look GOOD!

The covers can actually be leather or linen, but because the books are so small, the width of the pages are like the linen books and are thinner.

  1. A.J. says:

    They look great!!! Can’t wait for our new samples to arrive now :)

  2. Great albums, I’m waiting to get mine.

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