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February 5, 2015

Choosing Wedding Colors

People assume that since I’m a photographer I’m naturally creative in all areas of life.  And oh how I wish that was true!  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to text a photo of an outfit to a friend to ask if it was ok.  And I’ve actually had friends come over to show me how to decorate parts of our house (or just have them do it for me!).

So when it came to our wedding and choosing colors, I had to call in reinforcements for that too.  But it all ended up working out because I loved the sage green/brown/ivory colors we used!  It was perfect for us and it worked well for our fall wedding too.

Photos by Jana Candler and Kim DeLoach


The biggest thing I’ve learned/seen with shooting weddings is to not be afraid of color!  Some of my favorite weddings have actually had one of my least favorite colors… PINK!  It’s because of weddings that I don’t actually despise the color anymore and I’ll even be able to dress our baby girl in some pink clothes!  What I realized about it is that it gives that POP of color that makes photos stand out and it’s beautiful!  But, pink isn’t the only color that does that :-)

Since I’m not that creative, I headed over to Pinterest for some ideas on color schemes where I found the image below.  Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for with your own wedding!

My biggest suggestion though is to NOT be afraid of adding an extra color!!  Looking back at our wedding (if I’d done an inspiration board like I did above), I think I would add another color to complement the greens… like maybe a mustard yellow or something to add a bit of brightness!


Rachel and Andrew’s wedding was a perfect example of the Royal Blue and Kelly Green color scheme!


For more visual inspiration, visit Elegant Wedding Invites.  It’s where the color scheme palette above came from and there are some beautiful inspiration boards to get ideas from!

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