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Monday Musings

February 9, 2015

Monday Musings | Nesting, Contractions, No Baby

I’d been waiting for the “nesting phase” to kick in and it just wasn’t happening.  But every time I walked into the nursery, it was still so disorganized and messy that I’d have to leave before I got too overwhelmed with all that still needed to be done!  Thankfully, on Friday, mom came to the rescue!  She came over with lunch, we ate, and then we got to work.  And y’all.  The nursery is amazing!!  I seriously can’t wait to show you pictures… but that will come later this week ;-)

Part of this happened because contractions were coming pretty strong on Thursday evening.  They weren’t very regular but I really thought we’d be at the hospital by Friday.  Alas, we went to bed and woke up the next morning and the contractions had stopped.  So mom and I spent Friday working on the nursery and I spent Saturday washing every piece of clothing and all of our linens, vacuuming the entire house, getting some packages together for my brides, and doing anything else I could think of to get ready for this little one.

And low and behold, baby Catherine psyched us out again yesterday!  I started having contractions and timing them so we went for a walk… and they were getting more frequent and stronger so we came home… and again they stopped.  I’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow and I think what this little one is saying is that she’s going to come when she’s good and ready :-)

Ben has been so gracious to take these baby bump photos this whole time… these are from 14 weeks, 28 weeks and 38 weeks.
Can’t believe how much she’s grown!


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