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August 21, 2012

Erica + Chase | Clemson Engagement Session

They were both at Spill the Beans in downtown Clemson one evening with the American Sign Language Club.  They’d both been taking classes on campus and were meeting classmates and those from the deaf community in Clemson for some ice cream and some time to hang out as well as practice their signing.  As she was talking to someone, she introduced him as her boyfriend.  But the truth is, they had never met before then!  Erica and Chase met over ice cream and sign language that night and never looked back.

We began their session at Spill the Beans where they first met and then wandered around campus with a few spots in mind.  I love when a couple chooses a spot that has significance to them because the pictures then mean that much more!  Erica and Chase, it was so much fun to return to our alma mater and spend the evening with you two.  I still can’t believe our luck in being on campus with it practically empty!  I hope you enjoy your images… and I hope you think the bug bites we all got were worth it after you see these!

Definitely couldn’t pass up the purple wall… especially since Chase was wearing an orange shirt.  Go Tigers!

Bowman field is where Chase proposed over a picnic one evening.

Erica, you have the best laugh!

After he popped the question and she said yes, Erica looked around and her family started popping up everywhere around them!
Chase knew how important her family was to her so he made sure they would be there.  People in town may have thought there was a game going on for all of the cheering and screaming!

Clemson was a military college when it first opened in 1889 and Clemson’s Military Heritage Plaza commemorates that time in our school’s history.

Y’all are adorable.  That’s all.

It seemed only fitting that all of the rings were included in the ring shot!

 Chase – UH-mazing job on the ring.  It’s GORGEOUS!

After they changed we headed into campus and stopped for a few pictures on this particular bench at Redfern.

Erica!  You are stunningly gorgeous.

I used this image for their sneak peek, but I just had to include it again.  Definite favorite.

The reflection pond and the amphitheater (across from the pond) are the center of campus… and the fact that it’s EMPTY is amazing.

LOVE this one.

I would just like to point out that these two completely trusted me… Erica RAN in those heels to jump into Chase’s arms for this shot and the one above.
I hope y’all think they were worth it!

Another amazing feat is that no one was on the bridge in front of the library!  Yes, it helps that we went before everyone moved back onto campus… :-)

Erica and Chase (and I!) spent a lot of time in the building that’s behind them and to the left… Daniel Hall is where the language classes are held, including American Sign Language.

And last but not least, we made a quick stop at Edwards.  Erica was a health science major so they would meet up outside in between her classes.
Not to mention that the light in that spot was REALLY good.

So exited to see you guys soon… your October wedding is just around the corner!

  1. Dayna says:

    Sabrina, this shoot is amazing! You have so many great shots. If I were them I’d have trouble picking the ones for the wall. – Awesome!

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