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August 17, 2012

Knowing and Being Known

By now, I think most of you know that I love Cherry Coke, that Ben and I eat a lot of popcorn, that we adore Paris, that orange is in my blood (because of Clemson, which is one of the reasons it’s in my branding!), that I’m partial to Nikon and that I do not like green gummy bears.  But it’s the same as I know things about other photographers out there!  I know that Kim battled a Diet Coke addiction for years ;-) that Zach and Jody love Starbucks so much that their mug collection takes up half their kitchen AND that their cats are named Starbucks and Beans!  It’s also the reason I know that Katelyn loves the color teal, has a precious bich-poo puppy, and is super involved with their youth group.  And it’s the same reason that I know Jasmine has a love for cupcakes with sprinkles, has an identical twin sister, and was home schooled.

Some people call it stalking… and because of social media, it sometimes feels that way as you’re scrolling through pictures, posts, blogs and comments!  You find these things out about people and feel like you know them even if you haven’t actually met them!  But, you know these things because we put them out there.  I volunteer this information about myself because it’s fun and I want to connect with others who may have some of the same loves and/or quirks that I do.  And from time to time, I’ll share when things are difficult because life it’s about being perfect.  It’s about sharing it with others, about knowing them and being known in return.  There’s something beautiful that’s happened with social media and blogs and it’s that it’s made this crazy huge world just a little bit smaller.

I received this necklace in the mail from a summer Secret Santa the other day.  I adore it!  And now you know why :-)

  1. Kim says:

    That is just too awesome!
    I had got a text right after I pulled out of my usual breakfast of champions spot -it said “eat that yogurt” and I smiled…and kept eating my parfait from MickeyD’s! There is no greater security that being seen and known! Praise to a Loving Father who has given us His security in this and for the fun people who mirror Him to us while we’re here!
    (ok and it’s not too shabby to be listed in quite a hall of fame of name dropping there, little missy! Ha! thanks for the inclusion-another great thing!)

  2. Your Secret Santa says:

    Too happy to make you smile


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