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August 16, 2012

Engagement Sessions (and a sneak peek!)

When we got engaged last summer, I was so excited for so many reasons, but one big part of that was that it was now our turn to be in front of the camera and have engagement pictures taken!  We’d taken pictures of ourselves and handed my camera off to others while we were dating, but to have professional pictures taken was a dream!  It was a chance for us to take a break from life for a little bit… to have nothing to worry about other than what Jana was telling us to do.  And who doesn’t love an hour of so of being told to hug and love on your financé??  It was a chance to take a break from thinking about the wedding to just thinking about us and why we loved each other so much.

It’s also a chance to get a little practice in front of the camera.  So often, I’ll get to a session and meet up with the bride and groom and they’ll mention how nervous they are or that they aren’t photogenic or that the groom (or even the bride!) doesn’t like taking pictures.  And every time I just smile and encourage them because being on this side of things (personally and professionally) I know that they just need a little time to warm up :-)  And as we start shooting and walking and chatting and I squeal over a picture (or several) and show them how amazing they look, nerves begin to subside.  And sometimes, not long after those nerves melt away, they start to forget I’m there… which is when the magic happens.  This is the part I love because they’ve become comfortable enough with me being there that they really and truly are themselves, which is what I love capturing the most!

By having an engagement session, we’ve had time to just hang out, have fun, laugh, and get to know each other.  And it’s usually my first time to meet the groom!  I believe it was Katelyn James that mentioned it in a post once that one way to make engagement sessions more fun is to make a date night out of it.  Because I’m mostly a natural light photographer, when the sun goes down, we’re done shooting.  So, since you’re both looking nice and are now all lovey dovey because of the time you’ve had to just focus on one another, pick somewhere before hand that you can go to dinner and continue the evening!

Since we’ve now had your engagement session to hang out, come the time that Ben and I arrive on your wedding day, it’s like seeing old friends and jumping back into the saddle.  There’s no camera shyness and there’s less time to “warm up” so to speak :-)  Which brings me to these two… we had their engagement session last night, I was finally able to meet the man who had taken Elisha’s heart and we had a blast.  And I can not WAIT to show you more of these guys.  And I can not WAIT until their wedding this October.  They (and the day) are going to be amazing!

  1. Elisha says:

    Sabrina dear…I cannot thank you enough :)

  2. Valorie Warth says:

    Elisha and Sabrina, beautiful picture. Congratulations Elisha! This picture truly captures your love :)

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