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October 17, 2016

Clemson Homecoming 2016

It was 5 or 6 years ago that Ben and I last went to homecoming in Clemson, which means we were either dating or engaged.  And that means a LOT of life has happened since the last time we were there!  Since neither one of us had a wedding, we packed up the car and took Catherine to Clemson for the morning to see the floats on Bowman field and meet up with some friends.


Her favorite part of the day was just being out of her stroller and wandering around!


We missed lots of photos with lots of people we loved getting to see, but we did get a couple… Catherine’s babysitter last year is a freshman at Clemson so we met up with her and got to catch up a little bit in front of her sorority’s float!  Allie, we love you!


And then she took of photo of us :-)  Even though Catherine wouldn’t smile, I promise she had fun!

clemson-homecoming-2016-104 clemson-homecoming-2016-105 clemson-homecoming-2016-106

The floats were SO good this year!  So impressive.


A smile!!

clemson-homecoming-2016-108 clemson-homecoming-2016-109

The little baby is so picky about when she will get up after falling down.
If it’s in grass, she usually asks for a helping (princess) hand!


We made our way across campus and this was when we realized HOW tired she was!  Oh my goodness, it’s amazing how much these littles need naps during the day.  But if there’s anything at all going on, she will NOT go to sleep!


We didn’t get to spend much time with our Clemsongang girls because of the noon kickoff,
but it was SO good to see them and some of the kids!


As we walked back to the car, I realized this is one of the (maybe) two times I’ve been outside the stadium when a game has started.


But it was still fun to be there and feel the crowd outside the gates!


We ran into my old roommie, Lindsay, and her family as we were crossing back over Bowman :-)
(who I failed to get a photo with. #friendfail #photographerfail)


One last photo of us at the floats (since everyone else was at the game!)… Thanks for getting a photo of us, Lindz!


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