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December 21, 2012

Client Christmas Gifts

For several years, I’ve watched other photographers post about gifts that they’ve sent their clients at Christmas.  It’s mostly been wedding clients that receive the gifts because of the investment that these couples make and the relationship that is built over the months of their engagement.  As you guys know, I LOVE my couples.  I would not be doing what I am so passionate about if not for them and their trust in me and what I do.  It’s my hope that they know how much I appreciate them during the year, but with Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth and the season of giving and sharing, I love that it’s another chance for me to tell them Thank You.

It took me a while to come up with what to do because I wanted it to be special and unique!  Last year, after we got married and I became Mrs. Fields, I thought it woud be cute to somehow play off of that and send them cookies!  You know, like Mrs. Fields cookies… :-)  But, even though I make a mean oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, I wanted to send something cuter than that.  So, when I found out a friend of mine made adorable cookies, it was like a light bulb ACTUALLY lit up over my head.  It was brilliant!  Nora is so gifted with creativity, it would make anyone swoon.  And she makes her delicious and beautiful cookies for any and every occasion!  So, before you leave this blog post, please go over and like her Facebook page… once you’ve done that, leave a comment below telling me that you liked her page AND what kind of cookies you’d like to have made and I’ll pick one person to receive a dozen of her cookies after the new year (decorated to your liking!).  Fun, right??

So, here are the cookies so you can have an idea of how creative she is.

Not only did she use an orange ribbon for me but she wrote Nikon at the top of about half of the cameras!!  Love it :-)

The bow ties themselves made me swoon.

Once I had them in hand (and had tried one… and then two to make sure they tasted ok!), I packed them up and sent them out.

Happy Friday before Christmas, everyone!  Don’t forget to like the Cookie Kiln on Facebook.  Be sure to leave a comment below telling me that you liked the page and also letting me know what kind of cookies you would order!  I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning!

  1. Rebecca cannon says:

    Those are adorable Sabrina!! My boys would LOVE the USC football jersey and helmets and I would love the CLEMSON ones! Nothing like a house divided:) hope you and Ben have a very merry Christmas!

  2. Emily McGowan says:

    Love Nora and all her creativity!!! Her page is liked and if she’s up for it I would love dragon cookies for Cort’s birthday party!!!

  3. Sarah Goodnough says:

    Nora’s page is liked! We would love some birthday cake shaped cookies to eat at Jesus’s birthday party.

  4. Dayna Schoonmaker says:

    Anyone named Nora makes me smile! These are super fun and I am sure your clients will love them. I am so excited that you’ve official begun life as a full time photographer. You and Ben are such a great team (in more ways than one).

  5. Shellie says:

    I liked the Cookie Kiln and would like some kind of birthday cookies. We have 4 birthdays in January!!!

  6. I liked her page! These cookies are fantastic! I would love some Canon cookies to share with some of my photographer friends :)

  7. Ali says:

    I liked her page, so cute!

    I would love cookies for my wedding clients. Maybe a engagement ring, shoes, etc ;)

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