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August 7, 2012

Coming Home | Greenville Family Photographer

Do you have those things that remind you of summer?  Those things that remind you of home and growing up?  For some reason Sunkist, riding our bikes until the sun went down, and homemade popsicles (from Kool-Aid!) stand out in my mind.  For Sarah, it’s the neighborhood she grew up in where the back entrance is covered in kudzu.  When she contacted me, she said happy summer memories always contained that back street with kudzu spilling over into the road.  Now that she and her husband have two (ADORABLE!) children, she wanted to try and capture them, that street, and the kudzu in photographs.

I wasn’t completely sure what awaited us at our meeting place so I made sure to arrive in plenty of time for our session.  And I’m not going to lie, when I got there, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do or how I was going to capture these memories for her!  But then, my “photographer boldness” kicked into gear and I knocked on a few doors trying to figure out who owned the AMAZINGLY beautiful land that was surrounding the area.  There was a gorgeous field and a few nooks and crannies that my camera was dying to close its shutter on.  When I was directed to the brick house next to the field, I knocked on the door, heart racing, and THE most gentle and kind southern grandpa answered the door.  I no sooner complimented him on his property and mentioned that I was a photographer that he started smiling and nodding his head.  “Of course you can take pictures wherever you like!”  I love living in the south :-)

Sarah and Andrew arrived with a sleepy little boy and a baby girl donned in a white bonnet.  Two seconds after saying hello and I was in heaven with what they were wearing and that they were looking forward to capturing their present life with Sarah’s memories.  It was great to see you guys again and to meet your little ones!  Thanks for being adventurous with me!  I hope you enjoy the pictures and think it was all worth it!

Adelaide, you did amazingly well for your first photo session!  Please bring your bonnet the next time I see you.  love, sabrina

The light + this adorable family + antique suitcases + this amazing spot = a giddy Sabrina

Darien was still a little sleepy but oh my… it was worth his sleepiness to capture this.

Sarah – please tell your sister how jealous I was of your hair!!  Just gorgeous.

He was so intent on opening (and then closing the suitcases).  Can’t blame him… I would have been curious too!

PRESH-ous.  I mean, seriously.

And then we wandered to the southern grandpa’s field.  And I fell in love with light all over again.

Sarah!  I love your expression :-)

Andrew, you’re a really great dad.

I believe it was soon after this shot that we realized we all had those little spiky burrs all over us.  I felt horrible!  But these guys?  Clients of the year award for being so amazing about it!

High fives are the best.  And Darien was quite good at them!



PS – last Friday’s contest winner is Dayna!  Congrats, chica!  I’ll be sending you an email soon!

  1. Dayna says:

    Loved this blog and got super pumped when I got to the last line! Photos are superb as always.

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