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October 1, 2015

Courtney + Ray | Faith Chapel Wedding & Saint Simons Wedding

When she emailed that they were getting married on Jekyll Island and having their reception on Saint Simons, I was beyond excited!  Not just because of the locations though, but because Courtney is one of my “little sisters”.  When I co-opped with Delta Airlines in college, I lived with Courtney’s family (I was friends with her sister at Clemson) so she and I lived in the two bedrooms upstairs and shared the bathroom.  And even though there were days that the bathroom door couldn’t be opened because of the pile of clothes behind it, we survived and I still love her!

So, to be able to share this day and capture all of the memories for Courtney and Ray was extra special.  Every piece of the day had a reason, a memory, or a sentiment and that’s what made it their own.  Her parents honeymooned on Jekyll Island and had always wished they’d gotten married at Faith Chapel.  So as they raised their daughters and vacationed on the coast, the girls grew up seeing this chapel every chance they could!  The handkerchief folded into Courtney’s bouquet has been passed down in her family since 1940.  Her light ice sapphire is not only her birthstone, but since she went to the University of North Carolina, the color represents her college allegiance too.

But the day wasn’t just about the sweet memories, there was plenty of laughter over the funny ones too.  On their second date, Courtney and Ray went bowling and the deal was that the person who lost had to cook dinner.  Well, Ray lost so he planned to make lasagna for Courtney over at his house.  Everything was coming together perfectly, dinner was ready and she came over to enjoy a fun evening… except when they bit into the lasagna, it was crunchier than either of them remembered lasagna being.  Turns out Ray forgot to cook the noodles!  Thankfully, Courtney’s sense of humor just laughed over it all and they ordered pizza as they continued to get to know each other.

And now, after celebrating with friends and family, they are husband and wife!  The day could NOT have been more beautiful and I’m so excited to share my favorite images from their day!

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-101 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-102 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-103 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-104

This was the envelope that contained the handkerchief I mentioned… look at the post mark.  And there’s not even a zip code!


It must be the year of blue engagement rings because this is my third bride this year to have one.  They’re just beautiful!

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-106 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-107 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-109 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-108 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-110 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-111 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-112 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-113 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-114

The Spanish Moss, the light, and an incredible wedding party!  It was perfection.

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-115 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-116 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-117 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-118 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-119 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-120 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-121 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-122 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-123 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-124 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-125 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-126 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-127 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-128 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-129 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-130 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-131

So beautiful, Court! (And there’s the handkerchief in her bouquet!)

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-132 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-133 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-134

This photo of Ben’s stopped me in my tracks when I was culling our images.  Love that Spanish Moss!

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-135 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-136 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-137 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-138 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-139 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-140 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-141 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-142 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-143 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-144 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-145

Courtney and Ray took communion during the service and then served it to their friends and family as they left the church and gathered outside.

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-146 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-147 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-148

Just. Dreamy.

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-149 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-150 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-151 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-152 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-153 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-154

I just had to share some family photos this time because 1) this location is just GORGEOUS and 2) I hopped into one with my ATL Family :-)

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-156 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-155

This adorable little boy is their son Michael.  And for those of you that know Courtney and her sister, their mom described this little boy as having Courtney’s contemplative brain and Tiffany’s energy.  And if you know Tiffany, that’s a lot of energy to put into such a little boy!!


We went back to Saint Simons for their reception and it could not have been at a more beautiful location!

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-158 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-159 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-160 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-161 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-162 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-163 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-165 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-164 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-166 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-167 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-168 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-169 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-170 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-171 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-172 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-173 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-174 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-175 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-176 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-177 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-178 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-179 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-180 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-181 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-182 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-183 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-184 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-185 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-186 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-187

The top and bottom layers had Bible verses that couldn’t be seen until the cake was taken apart.

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-188 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-189 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-190 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-191 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-192 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-193 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-194 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-195 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-197 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-196 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-198 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-199 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-200 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-201 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-202 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-203 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-204 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-205 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-206

Their tent was just 300ft from the river and apparently high tide doesn’t just affect the oceans.  The catering staff and the DJ (and us) had to move tables and equipment to keep it from getting stuck in the ground, but none of the guests seemed to be phased at all!  Everyone just kept dancing and moving the party closer to the house!

St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-207 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-208 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-209 St-Simons-Faith-Chapel-Wedding-210

Many thanks to these incredible vendors who made Courtney & Ray’s wedding day as wonderful as it was:
Ceremony | Faith Chapel, Jekyll Island
Reception | Riverfront House, VRBO
Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses | White House Black Market
Groomsmen’s Suits | Gentlemen’s Outfitters, St Simons
Wedding Coordinator | Mary Ann Cadiente
Hair & Makeup Artist | Jennifer VanGiller of Eye Do
Florals |Chris Triplett of Edward on St Simons
DJ | Jeff of First City Events
Wedding Invitations | David’s Bridal
Cake | For Heaven’s Cakes SSI
Catering | Dave Snyder of Halyards Catering

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