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Monday Musings

October 5, 2015

Monday Musings | Winshape

As you read this, I’ll be on my way towards the little town of Rome, GA for the fourth time in the last three years.  I’ve been to Winshape once for CONNECT and this will be my third time at the Pursuit Conference and I could not be more excited about this year’s conference!


  • This will be the first year I won’t be making the trip alone from Greenville, SC and I’m so thankful for the company!  Don’t get me wrong, this introvert doesn’t mind the 4 hour drive because I usually listen to a book or podcasts as I come and go.  But getting to share this place and this conference with dear friends is far more wonderful!  Kim, Kristy and Kendra, y’all are in for an amazing week!
  • It’s really difficult to put into words the peace that exudes from the buildings and grounds of Winshape.  And by the time our week is over, Kim, Kristy and Kendra will know what I’ve been trying to put into words for years!
  • Each time I’ve been on campus, I’ve been in a different season of life (newlywed, with my husband, expecting a baby, and now as a mom), and God has used those times to reach me in specific ways.  So I’m excited to see what He has planned for me this year.
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  • That’s another thing… being in the age of social media and having been in the photography industry for 7 years now (SEVEN!), there are several women with those beautiful smiling faces from around the country that I’ve gotten to know over the years through workshops and Facebook groups.  These women are my colleagues and “co-workers” even though we probably don’t live in the same state.  And to have a reason to see them in person and hug their necks automatically brings a smile to my face!
  • The only bittersweet side to this week is leaving Catherine for several days.  The longest I’ve been away from her since February was about 36 hours so four days may seem like an eternity!  But, it will be good for my soul.  Plus, she has an aunt, some adoring cousins and her mémé that will love their time with her so my mama heart will rest easy knowing she’s being loved on during the day!  And of course, her daddy will get his own time with her each evening.  And you better believe he’s going to be trying to get her to say “dada” or “papa” now that she’s already said mama ;-)

Happy Monday!

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