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Monday Musings

October 12, 2015

Monday Musings | FriendTogs

You’re wondering what in the world this post is about, right?  Well, I saw a photographer friend use “friendtog” last week and while I don’t know if there’s a Webster’s definition yet, in my personal dictionary, it means a photographer (tog) who has become a friend and is someone that is incredibly awesome in all aspects of life.  And last week, I spent the week with an abundance of these friendtogs at the Pursuit Conference (which I will blog about later).

However, I wanted to highlight these two in particular because last week we realized that we’ve taken a photo together these last three years and it’s just been fun to watch our lives change and grow over time!  I first met these beauties at Katelyn James’s workshop in the spring of 2012.  So the fact that I’ve seen them at least once a year (and sometimes more!) since then is just really sweet.  And if you want to check out their work, I promise that you won’t be disappointed!  Caroline is the lovely lady of Caroline Logan Photography in Pennsylvania and Anna is the beautiful woman behind Anna K Photography in Atlanta.

That’s the thing with friendtogs… because of the way this industry has grown and the way social media has impacted us, I feel like I have friends and co-workers around the globe!  So, the truth is that while some friendtogs have never even met in person, we still have a connection that was formed because of photography.  Thankfully, I met these two in real life shortly after meeting them in a Facebook group for Katelyn’s workshop and actual friendships have grown ever since.  In the past few years since meeting them, all of our businesses have grown, Anna has gotten married, Ben and I had a baby, and Caroline has graduated high school.  I’d say some pretty significant life events have happened since that workshop way back when!

And that part about how they’re incredibly awesome in all aspects of life?  These girls have a faith that is solid and unshakable, they love people with everything they can muster, they aren’t afraid to have adventures and enjoy life to its fullest, and even though they’re both younger than me 1) they never make me feel old, 2) they’ve taught me a lot about myself and my business and 3) they’re helping me stay young ;-)

I love you girls to pieces and hope that I don’t have to wait a full year to see you again!!
(Left photo was 2013, Top right was 2014, Bottom right was last week, 2015!)


  1. Anna says:

    Sabrina! You are the sweetest! I’ve loved watching you grow over the years and I’m so thankful that I get to see you so regularly!!! Love you friend!

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