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July 8, 2019

DJ + Meredith | A Clemson Anniversary Session

Meredith contacted me almost a year ago saying she and her husband, DJ, would be celebrating their 5th anniversary in Clemson this summer and would love to schedule a session.  They were both in the wedding party of a wedding I photographed back in 2016 and I was blown away that they wanted to be in front of my camera again!

We had so much fun, even if we did almost do their session in the middle of a storm!  You can kind of see the storm clouds in the back of the first photo, but we couldn’t reschedule!  They’d flown in from California for a long weekend and this was our only night all of us could get together. So, as we were making a game plan, we were also watching the clouds.  And other than a few drops on DJ’s shirt in the first couple of photos, it ended up not raining on us but for a few minutes!

DJ and Meredith, thanks for walking around our alma mater with me in some rain.  I loved every minute and I really enjoyed having you guys and your smiles in front of my camera!  I hope your next 5 years of marriage are even better than your first 5!

This spot on the field in front of Tillman Hall was where they had their first study date.
She said they ended up talking for about 2 hours that afternoon!

These steps lead up to a covered walkway that was going to be part of our rain plan…
but you can clearly see the sunset behind those trees!

Happy 5 years, DJ and Meredith!

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