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January 9, 2018

Expecting Baby | David + Marett

The first time we did maternity photos, none of us had any children yet.  But now, I have two little girls and David and Marett are about to welcome their second little boy into the world!

It was literally freezing when we met on the day after New Years but they wanted to go ahead with their session and they trusted me, which is always a huge compliment when conditions may not be ideal.  But oh my goodness, the number of times I squealed at what I was seeing on the back of my camera… you’ll see from these favorites of mine that the cold was worth it!


Jett knows exactly where his baby brother is and was happy to give him some kisses!

winter-maternity-photos-102 winter-maternity-photos-103 winter-maternity-photos-104 winter-maternity-photos-105 winter-maternity-photos-106

A warm blanket on a cold day means LOTS of snuggles.

winter-maternity-photos-107 winter-maternity-photos-108 winter-maternity-photos-109 winter-maternity-photos-110 winter-maternity-photos-111

This one… Marett, you’re a beauty!!

winter-maternity-photos-112 winter-maternity-photos-113 winter-maternity-photos-114 winter-maternity-photos-115 winter-maternity-photos-116 winter-maternity-photos-117 winter-maternity-photos-118 winter-maternity-photos-119 winter-maternity-photos-120 winter-maternity-photos-121

The on on the right gets me EVERY time!

winter-maternity-photos-122 winter-maternity-photos-123 winter-maternity-photos-124

winter-maternity-photos-126 winter-maternity-photos-127 winter-maternity-photos-128 winter-maternity-photos-129 winter-maternity-photos-130 winter-maternity-photos-131

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